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Hacker/Phisher scenario's

Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by LpSilent, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. LpSilent

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    Well, let's start things short.

    [Scenario 1]
    You've been encountered by a random user, he replies:
    Q: ''Hey, my friend send me this awesome image of him getting a knife [Phishing link]''
    A: ''No, thanks, I'm not particularly stupid, either you're trying to phish me or you've been infected, either way I'll help by reporting your account to avoid this in the future''.

    Now you're probably wondering.
    Q: ''Why am I reporting this guy, its not his fault that he's been infected''
    A: Right, what you're doing is a good thing, notifying steam that this ''Particular'' user has been infected with a phishing link, you've prevented more people from becoming infected and spreading this. That way, consider yourself the ''Helper'' of users. And they'd possible lock the account until the issue was dealt with (Not sure if that's true)

    [Scenario 2]
    You've been infected by the link, and you start to spread it onto other accounts.
    Q: ''Help, I don't know what to do, my anti-virus ain't working!''
    A: My favorite anti-virus and cleaner is ''Malwarebytes'' and its a personal favorite.

    Free anti-viruses: [Pay optional]

    Malwarebytes is a decent anti-virus that can scan nearly anything as far as I'm aware.
    There're other product versions of this that require a reasonable amount of money, but the free one does the trick.

    This is my first guide, and I hope it helps some of you, If their's some guide that's like mine, then good job to me for making something that was already similarly made.
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