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How to recognize hijacking sites.

Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by SilentReaper(SR), Jun 16, 2012.

  1. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    Please DO NOT post the hijacking links here!
    If you want to report the people giving phishing links, those go to the report section, please include a screenshot of the hijacking link in the chat box, and remove/edit the link in chat log so it doesn't work.

    People hijack other steam users by abusing their trust.
    Several ways they try to hijack people:
    - Phishing links to let people think they log in into Steam to use the site.
    - Other links (over steam PM) where some malware is installed thru the site to use direct control or keyloggers or other things.
    - Disguised Links on forums or sites.

    The first is the easy one:
    The real Steam login can easily be identified by the green bar in top, and the starting of the URL with


    Internet Explorer:

    Chrome (thnx to RyanQ):

    (This may look a bit different on other browsers)
    Only then its the actual site, and not a fake.
    The fake ones wont be "secured" with valve logo and markings.

    The second type:
    This is mostly about keeping a close look at the site link that is generally used a lot.

    For example, some of the links are towards a fake "imageshack.us" site.
    The REAL one uses: img(numbers).imageshack.us/picturename.extension
    The key part is the .imageshack.us

    Please notice the "dot" before "imageshack.us", the known fake one has a dash there "-". Clicking on the link results in a box asking you to update java and a program starts to run. DO NOT allow that. Rather go to Java.com yourself. the dot there means you are really on the "imageshack.us" site, the
    "-" indicates it is a DIFFERENT site.
    Further info:

    The third one:
    This involves disguised links on fora. What are disguised links? Well, http://www.reddit.com that is one. it shows a link to "reddit" but it links to "steamrep". You will only notice if you hover over the link and check the destination. In Firefox and Internet Explorer you get to see the destination of a link in the lower left corner of the browser. Try it with the above "disguised" link.
    Basically this is because the link name can be anything. One can say "Click here". Any text can be put up instead of "here". How it looks in code? On a forum like here it will be:
    In general:
    Check links you get from other people, update programs by going to their website, not via some website that isn't affiliated with that. If its a Java update, go to http://www.java.com if it is a flash update, go to http://www.adobe.com/ .

    No, there isn't a "javascript" update, for that comes with your browser, if that updates, your browser needs a update (a new version of your browser, not a plugin)
  2. Sud

    Sud New User

    I think what you meant to say was REAL steam login can be identified by the HTTPS and green bar. Otherwise, I just totally got keylogged logging into this site!
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  3. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    Thank you very much, I've repaired that.
  4. Evanescence

    Evanescence New User

    Gonna share that with some people/groups.

    Easy to do but some aren't even aware onf those tricks.
  5. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    *New: added disguised links information.
  6. Staying_Classy

    Staying_Classy New User

    Useful tips, thanks and good job.
  7. DJ_Machine

    DJ_Machine New User

    This information does not stop targeted attacks. re SSL STRIP and everything it runs on.