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Is this a legit steam admin?

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Modotta, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Lava

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    SteamRep Admin:
    You're never going to chat with anybody who has administrative access in Steam, so for all intents and purposes the statement holds true. Valve as a company almost never interacts with the community, and when they do, it's not in chat. The personnel working for Valve also, by and large, do not oversee or police anything going on within Steam, like you would expect from an "admin". There are a lot of administrative things they could do - and I think they should be doing, such as policing what gets published into their store for abuse - but they don't even do that. Anybody approaching you and claiming to be a Steam admin is definitely a scammer.

    A large portion of scams right now center on inviting someone who claims to be "Steam admin", then either convincing the victim to give up their username/password or trade away their items. Scammers doing this are always coming up with new ways to convince victims of their legitimacy (e.g. fake games to create their own profile badges), and it'd be impossible to list them all. They also thrive on any kind of confusion or mixed message, going so far as creating their own "official" Steam guides filled with misinformation about Valve or Steam are, who oversees it, how trading works, and what is allowed or expected of traders. Getting into semantics and adding a bunch of caveats like you suggested will only confuse the younger and English-second-language traders, who are already the primary demographic falling for it. There is no way a 7 year old player from Romania who doesn't even know what "Valve" is will read or understand what you wrote. Seeing that Valve will never speak to or interact with you directly, stating "there's no such thing as a Steam admin" is the simplest and most concise way of telling people "it's a scam", without sending a mixed message that scammers will most definitely capitalize on.
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    Actually, more or less if their employee handbook is anything to go by:
    "Hierarchy is great for maintaining predictability and
    repeatability. It simplifies planning and makes it easier to
    control a large group of people from the top down, which
    is why military organizations rely on it so heavily.
    But when you’re an entertainment company that’s spent
    the last decade going out of its way to recruit the most
    intelligent, innovative, talented people on Earth, telling
    them to sit at a desk and do what they’re told obliterates
    99 percent of their value. We want innovators, and that
    means maintaining an environment where they’ll flourish.
    That’s why Valve is flat. It’s our shorthand way of saying
    that we don’t have any management, and nobody “reports
    to” anybody else. We do have a founder/president, but
    even he isn’t your manager. This company is yours to
    steer—toward opportunities and away from risks. You have
    the power to green-light projects. You have the power to
    ship products."
    Valve has a very unusual business structure.
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    that's true, but i still think the statement that admins don't exist is misleading (and also just incorrect)
  4. You Are The One

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    Their is no such thing as a steam admin.
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