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Issue with Steam

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by syph3r, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. syph3r

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    Additional info... Amount Spent on Steam: $0.00 / $5.00 USD Account: corruptsteammods1234 Email: **************** Ticket: HT-22NH-R86V-6XVC Your help request has been submitted to Steam Support. Your reference code is HT-22NH-R86V-6XVC. Once a support agent has responded to your request you will receive a notification email sent to **************** Your help request: I have a question about the Steam Community Related to: Steam Message from you on Dec 8 @ 5:32pm | less than a minute ago so, You have DISABLED multiple accounts that have multiple purchases made with no real communication made on behalf of valve. Over 500 games and threee-four accounts disappeared without reason, cause or a response for reasons from vALVE. I literally just bought multiple games that are now inaccessable. you are stealing plain and simple.

    i want my account reinstated. Account(S) plural. meaning aLL 4 THAT YOU DISABLED. this is completely illegal and i am in the proess of saving all the snippets and conversations from steam staff which imposed restrictions against all accounts, then completely disabled them making all purchases iuneffective.

    THOUSANDS OF FKIN DOLLARS wre stolen in the past few weeks from me by Valve/Steam and this will be heard.

    Either reinstate my accounts or REFUND MY DAMN MONEY IMMEDIATELY

    Steam/Valve wasnt even man enough to provide and reasoning or coorespoondanmce because i DID NOT DESERVE TO HAVE MY GAMES STOLEN AND ACCOPUNTS SUSPENED

    I am now hiring legal reps thaT ALREADY dealt with valve/steam for class action law suites. I have everything i need and will pursue this until this cooruption is exposed and heard

    reinstate my accounts immediately or REFUND MY STOLEN GAME LIBRARY which totlas HUNDREDS of AAA games throughout MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.

    accounts: ********,*****,*********,*********** & more

    you have simply deleted and STOLEN nmew purchases made from newly created accounts! gone! no respoonse! nothing! how can you just STEAL FROM SOMEONE????? wow!!!! multiple accounts completely shut down. wow steams the new twitter apparently! i have PAGES of accounts and games and purchases that im posting ALL OVER the web and hiring legal now! this is completely 100% attrocious and illegal!

    LAST night you disabled my new account New*************. WHY? what was the purpose? there is NO REASON that account should have been disabled. Why are you bveing tyrannical a✿✿✿✿✿✿s for??? that was my daughters MMO account and you deleted it FOR NO REASON.

    I expect immediate amnswer for my legal team.

    This is the biggest pile of coorupt BS ever. a lot of people are going to be interested in reeading aBOUT THIS and now i will be effectively posting screens and sanippets dating years ago up until now involving all the moderators responses and restrictions and disabled account messages with no reasoning.

    your company is supposed to provide a service which sells games. big whoopie if you have a community section that no1 cares about. ban me from it which you did, then you disabled the account along with MULTIPLE others?




    see you sallys in court real soon.

    reinstate/refund or be exposed for the corrupt bias biggoted company that you are.
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    SteamRep Admin:
    I'm sorry but your issue is with Steam/Valve and not us. We are not affiliated with Valve in anyway and have nothing to do with the situation that you are describing.

    Sorry and we wish you luck.

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