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Just some suggestions.

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Maddux, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Maddux

    Maddux New User

    1- "Is this user?" box.
    What i mean by this is simple. A box on the page that has iether a small check or a small X mark. I realize this is already implemented to an extent by saying IF a user is part of that community, but nothing on the other side saying this user is not an admin of that community. I'v seen people check steam rep profiles and still believe that a user is an admin of a community when they clearly are not. It should not be to hard to put into the system, and it may be able to help a user here or there.

    2- Priority Friends List
    So some users can have up to 200+ users on their friends list, and when you see lets say somebody has a scammer friend, you have to scroll through their entire friends list looking for who is a scammer. Why not just have a drop down menu being able to have a users friends list organize by "marked scammers" at the top, or something to that effect. It can help people be aware of who the scammer is along with how many scammers they have on their friends list. I'm not sure of the limitations of the steam API on allowing a person to do this though.

    3- Account List
    A box on the side that lists other community websites where a user has a registered account on. So outpost, skial, tf2-t, where ever. I realize there is a Google search and a few other options, but having a list of where a user has an account can be helpful. One issue with this is if you register for a website such as steam rep, but have your screen name different their your steam ID or something, then it may run into some issues. But i would imagine there is a fix for that, i thought about it and i may have a potential solution for it.

    4- PlayTime box.
    Have a list of some of the more popular games, such as TF2, Dota and l4d and have the users playtime listed. Can be another way to spot alt accounts, or just have it list the top 3 most played games of a user and the time in the game. I see something like that was recently added, but why not have a smaller selection and have it load with the page, near the sheild logo rather than having to scroll through an entire friends list to find that button.

    I'v been messing around with the pages CSS and whatnot, i'm working on throwing together another "version" of the profile page, so i'm not sure if Mattie! or somebody else is working on it as well, but i figure i have some free time and i'd give it a go.

    Few issues with my suggestions are longer page load times with the extra data that has to be loaded. More steam API queries, but i think the extra 30-45 second wait time may be worth it in the long run. These are just suggestions though, so any other suggestions regarding mine are more than welcome.
  2. gukingofheart

    gukingofheart New User

    I'd love #2.
    Would make searching a little easier.
  3. DataStorm

    DataStorm Retired Staff

    1. the grey "no special reputation" is already for that on SR profiles
    2. I asked a year ago to mattie to set the marked scammers in the friend list on top of the list. Guess he didn't get to it yet. There are more important things to implement, priority has been and is still that admins can work faster with SR, wasting less time on the SR backend, and he's been working on that mostly.
    3. Unlike common belief, SR has no automated stuff into other communities/sites. Its more the other way around: communities use our API to check for scammer status etc. The API is a read only thing for a very good reason: speed
    4. Play time for games is another Steam API call, which would delay things even more. Not gonna happen.

    We really do not want 35-45 seconds load time on profiles, that would throw usage of SR to way too low, and problematic on other aspects.
  4. Maddux

    Maddux New User

    Ah alright. Yeh i think #2 would be helpful, but defiantly not a priority at the moment. It is good to know that things of greater importance is in motion, thanks data!
  5. VenGanZa

    VenGanZa User

    I agree it would be most helpful to have scammers displayed 1st in list.