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Announcement New Legacy Ban tags for defunct communities

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Lava, Aug 31, 2016.

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    @Fred JonesTheMemeLord I am not going into our defunct appeal policy with you, its already clearly explained as to why we chose this route for these old tags. Your thread was archived because your appeal was swapped over to the new appeal system for such tags, that's the only reason, it has absolutely nothing to do with your thread "not being finished" so please dont characterize it as being as such. Furthermore, I am not going to address the merits of any specific case(s) with you as that is not allowed in the general discussion section. And finally, we make clear defunct tag decisions are final and not appealable. I understand you are unhappy that your defunct tag appeal was DENIED and that is why you are now posting here complaining about it. If our policy changes in the future, we will notify such users, until then, nothing can or will be done for you at this point, you have fully exhausted all avenues of relief regarding your tagging. You committed a serious offense, fake middleman scamming, that's the long and short.
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    I suggest you add -GoV- !!

    I wrote a appeal on their website 1 year ago, with no response from -GoV- at all. And since i can't get my SR tag away b4 i get rid of the GoV tag, there's nothing I can do.
    -GoV- died a long time ago, It's barely even a TF2 Community.

    I may sound desperate, but please, take a look at their appeals forum

    the 2nd link, is my appeal. It's the only appeal that's been there, the past 1,5years. And there is nobody answering.

    This is 100% a legacy community, which no longer exist.
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