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Invalid Report: 76561197960266237 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by DannySS, Oct 27, 2016.

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  1. DannySS

    DannySS New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Item Fraud] Quick-switch trade scam or attempt
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561197960266237

    Victim profile: 76561198306469346

    What happened? Description:
    I Wened To Sparkles Steam Profile And I Wraited In Comends "Sigin My Profile".Afther That I Remebered My Brother Have Sparkles Trading Link.Afther I God The Link And I Sended The Offer My Knife For Hes Knife.And I Dink He Changed The Trade Offer I Didn't See That On My Trade There Was Olny My Knife.And Whene He God The Knife.Afther That I Asked In Hes Profile Comends Plz Give Me Back My Knife And He Delited My Wraiting.Hope You Help Get Me My Knife Back.​

    Provide Evidence:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    No agreement/chat/context behind report - unable to review report.
    Marking Invalid.
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