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Pending Report: 76561198008608496 - ([TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by Industeral Night, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Industeral Night

    Industeral Night New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Money] PayPal scam or scam attempt
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198008608496

    Victim profile: 76561198022342934

    What happened? Description:
    I don't have the chat screen caped but do have my Paypal summary and trade history capped. The trade was met to be $1300 for an unusual Bobble Pipe with the burning flames effect. I went first trading over the hat. I commented on the fact I didn't get the money a few minuets after that he blocked me and I don't have a way to contact him.​

    Provide Evidence:
    I have the chat between us copied but don't have it cap.

    12:11 PM - Radors: Hey
    12:11 PM - Radors: beautiful unusual you managed to unbox
    12:11 PM - Industeral Night: hay
    12:11 PM - Radors: I am very interested in it
    12:11 PM - Radors: are you perhaps selling it?
    12:12 PM - Radors: hmm?
    12:14 PM - Industeral Night: I am the price is 600 keys or item over pay
    12:16 PM - Radors: Okay, the price you are asking seems completely fair to me. Here's the deal, I have recently cashed out most value of my backpack and what I have left remains in cs go items and not tf2 items/unusuals. Making it hard for me to offer you what you are asking for, however, I am woundering if you perhaps are open to cash offers?
    12:18 PM - Industeral Night: I'm willing to do cash
    12:19 PM - Radors: How would you prefer the trade to be done in that case? You can view my profile for a good amount of reputation and you can also view that I have done over 4000 market transactions there
    12:26 PM - Industeral Night: I can see that but I would prefer to trade jest to be safe because I'm pretty new to tradeing
    12:27 PM - Radors: well, I have for explained reasons not offer you tf2 items unfortunately
    12:27 PM - Radors: if you are willing to discuss a price with paypal however
    12:27 PM - Radors: I am open
    12:29 PM - Industeral Night: I'm willing to do paypal dus $1400 sound good?
    12:30 PM - Radors: Let me think about it for a few minutes
    12:30 PM - Industeral Night: ok I don't mind and I'm willing to go down in price if I have to
    12:35 PM - Radors: I am willing to offer $1300
    12:36 PM - Radors: The transaction will be sent as "Gift to family and friends" and I will write "This is for virtual items and I will not chargeback" as a note on the payment.
    12:37 PM - Radors: For your safety, of course.
    12:38 PM - Industeral Night: i'm good with that my e-mail is [email protected]
    12:39 PM - Radors: alright, I have the payment ready
    12:39 PM - You have accepted the trade request from Radors.
    12:40 PM - Radors: Let me know once you accepted the email confirmation
    12:40 PM - Industeral Night: It's confirmed
    12:40 PM - Radors: There we go
    12:40 PM - Radors: Let me send the transaction
    12:40 PM - Radors: 1 sec please
    12:40 PM - Industeral Night: ok
    12:42 PM - Radors: [email protected]
    12:42 PM - Radors: correct?
    12:42 PM - Radors: Just have to make sure once again
    12:42 PM - Industeral Night: yes
    12:43 PM - Radors: Alright
    1:01 PM - Industeral Night: you send the money yet?
    1:01 PM - Radors: Yeah, should get to you any minute
    1:06 PM - Radors: Alright, guess we are done with this then :) thanks a lot man!
    1:06 PM - Radors: Have a good day!
    1:06 PM - Radors is now Offline.​

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  2. ManBearPig

    ManBearPig New User

  3. Radors

    Radors Unconfirmed Reports

    While we are both waiting for a steamrep admin to look at this report, I will take my time and write what happened so everyone can calm down regarding this report.

    I added OP because I was interested in his bubble pipe indeed. We then started discussing what he was looking to sell it for etc.
    I viewed his profile and saw he had a bunch of games and I asked if he played league of legends.
    I only asked because at the time, I was trying to sell my personal league of legends account which I no longer had any use for.
    It turned out he was interested in the account and of course I wanted to trade so I convinced him the account was good with a lot of "items" in it, champs, skins, rune pages, runes, IP etc. Everything I said was true, I had spent a good bit of money on the account.
    We agreed a deal and he was okay with going first, so I sent him a trade offer for the unusual which he accepted. I then sent login name and password to the account and the league of legends website so he could immediately change both password and email. I confirmed the changes of email and password by giving him the 6 digit code that got sent to my email.

    After we were done with the trade and I was going to remove him, he wanted me to "wait". He said he had spoken with a friend of his. I have no idea what this friend told him but he suddenly seemed desperate to revert the trade and give me my account back for his unusual. I was not okay with trading back and I didn't see any legitimate reason why I had to, even though I felt a bit guilty since he was clearly unhappy about the trade. He called me for scammer which obviously pissed me off a little, I tried to explain to him why I didn't have to trade back but he didn't listen. I mean, the trade was 100% legitimately done, we had both agreed on it and both partners had received the item/account they agreed to trade for. I couldn't do anything about the fact that he regreted it. Tired of listening to him saying I had scammed him, I removed him from my friendlist...

    "he blocked me and I don't have a way to contact him."
    ...and no, I did not block you, you never even tried contacting me as I never saw any friend request from you after I had removed you.

    And why would you "save" that text you wrote and claim to be our conversation as a text and not take a screeenshot? It doesn't make sense.
    The only thing you have evidence of and the only thing of what you claim to be the truth there ever existed evidence of is the picture where you accepted my trade offer, because it's true, OP did indeed give me the unusual as I mentioned earlier.
    The picture of the paypal summary is completely irrelevant since paypal was never even involved in our trade.

    Lastly, I will comment on the reply from "ManBearPig",
    First off, I would not call that a quicksell, people with knives in general don't want tf2 unusuals for them and most people require hefty amounts of overpay to even consider unusual offers.
    Yeah, the cs go items were pretty low compared to the unusual but I just made a good offer for you because I just wanted to move over to cs go trading. I can show you other trades where I've overpaid around the same ratio for cs go items because I'm too lazy to find people who want to trade around 1:1 in value from cs go to tf2.

  4. Industeral Night

    Industeral Night New User

    If you did send me the LOL account then I would like for you to post proof of transfering the LOL accoount. I my self do play LOL but, I wouldn't abanden the account I have. Plus if you did play LOL you would know that you don't need to know the email to get into the game to change the email or password.
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  5. Radors

    Radors Unconfirmed Reports

    you wrote "you don't need to know the email to get into the game to change the email or password."

    Alright, I logged into my smurf account which I haven't used for ages and this screen pops up (screenshot attached):

    ******[email protected] [Change Email]

    Verifying your email will let you:

    • Authorize email/password changes
    • Recover your account
    You notice where it says "authorize email/password changes"?
    I had verified my email on my main account.

    You claim I don't play league of legends, just look at the screenshot, I'm obviously logged into my smurf account.

    Radors screenshotleagueoflegends.png
  6. Radors

    Radors Unconfirmed Reports

    I would like to confess being guilty to the scam I am accused of, I regret it and I am sorry, there's not much I can do about it now and I understand those words will make little difference, sorry.
    Hopefully an admin will review this sooner or later and take appropriate action, you can ignore both my previous posts in this thread, first one is completely made up and that makes the second one irrelevant.