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Accepted Report: 76561198014616238 (morti)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by TWTCH182, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. TWTCH182

    TWTCH182 New User

    user mercury or morti as he goes by now, has just taken my unusual handyman's handle and has not given me my money. he has removed me as a friend and blocked all communication, so there is no intenton to give me the $140 agreed upon. as soon as the trade was done. he is off selling it right now. Please specify if anything else is needed

    My Info
    steamID: TWTCH182
    steamID32: STEAM_0:0:42839793
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045945314
    customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/twtch182
    steamrepURL: http://www.steamrep.com/index.php?id=76561198045945314

    Thiefs Info

    steamID: morti
    steamID32: STEAM_0:0:27175255
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014616238
    customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/m0rti
    steamrepURL: http://www.steamrep.com/index.php?id=76561198014616238
    Note: he has 5 scammer friends

    The conversation (my latop wont let me take screenshots)
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    mercury: hey i see you sell you unusual
    mercury: do you sell it for real money?
    TWTCH182: depends on how much your offerin
    mercury: this hat hard to sell so i dont give you very much
    mercury: but money better then buds or all s✿✿✿
    TWTCH182: well its super rar
    TWTCH182: e
    mercury: not realy
    TWTCH182: so i mean im not letting it go for cheap
    TWTCH182: im sorry the hat isnt
    TWTCH182: but the combo of the two is
    mercury: wait wait
    mercury: how much you want?
    mercury: just tell my and we can disquese
    mercury: i have in paypal 456$
    mercury: i buy/sell unusual all the time
    TWTCH182: gotcha
    mercury: so how much you want?
    TWTCH182: its valued at $140
    TWTCH182: i dont expect nearly that much
    mercury: i dont give all money
    mercury: i just say what i have
    TWTCH182: i mean im broke and need money to take my gf out for valentines day lol
    TWTCH182: so the more i can get the better ill feel
    mercury: look - i have rep and i do this stuff every time so i give you 130$ but you first becose you dont have rep , dont say that i am scammer i AM NOT A f✿✿✿✿✿✿ SCAMMER if i scam you you can report my and i losse all , and my acc worth 600$ i dont want to losse so i am not scam you
    TWTCH182: i understand
    TWTCH182: np
    TWTCH182: so $130?
    mercury: yes
    TWTCH182: i dont even have a paypal lol
    TWTCH182: this was my first unusual
    mercury: you dont need a credit card go yo paypal and create acc
    TWTCH182: right
    mercury: then say you e-mail and i can send you money
    TWTCH182: hang on
    TWTCH182: one sec
    mercury: OK
    TWTCH182: how would i go about getting this onto my actual account?
    mercury: onto?
    TWTCH182: my actual account like my debit card?
    mercury: i send you money and you can buy all stuff from internet or you can take you money from paypal from bank
    TWTCH182: hmmm
    mercury: sr for my rode english
    TWTCH182: its all good man
    mercury: cool so you want sell?
    TWTCH182: im thinking
    mercury: when we do traade i can give rep
    TWTCH182: np
    TWTCH182: i dont much care bout that lol
    mercury: :D
    TWTCH182: but just to let you know, if i do this, the hat comes after the money is here lol\
    TWTCH182: im not gonna rip you off
    mercury: you give my hat and i send you money , first say you e-mail
    TWTCH182: i promise
    TWTCH182: dude i didnt even wanna trade this in the first place lol
    mercury: i have rep and you dont have this is you first unusual and my acc is better i cant give first
    TWTCH182: i just made the account this morning to see what kind of offers id get
    TWTCH182: i got the hat 2 days ago
    mercury: OMG YOU SO LUCKY! 2 days and you can get money for it :O
    mercury: i sell my unusual 3 weeks
    TWTCH182: damn
    TWTCH182: that sucks lol
    mercury: unusual hard to sell
    mercury: believe it
    mercury: hatd
    mercury: very hard
    mercury: and for money
    mercury: its hardes
    mercury: so why you dont accept my very good offer?!
    TWTCH182: ya
    mercury: :/
    TWTCH182: i am lol
    TWTCH182: im just getting the info from my girlfriend
    TWTCH182: she has a paypal
    mercury: cool i can send to you girldfirend
    TWTCH182: mhm
    TWTCH182: one min
    mercury: k
    mercury: SO?
    TWTCH182: ok, i got the info
    mercury: E-MAIL?
    TWTCH182: send $130 to [email protected]
    mercury: pl
    mercury: ok
    TWTCH182: as soon as the money is in, ill trade you the hat
    mercury: but i say - first hat
    mercury: nonono , i dont do like this i say i dont do like this
    TWTCH182: if i trade you first, its $140
    mercury: hmmm
    mercury: i dont now
    mercury: know*
    TWTCH182: look im really hesitant to do this stuff
    TWTCH182: ive been ripper off too many times
    mercury: yeah me too
    mercury: okok i give you damn 140....
    TWTCH182: $140 then?
    mercury: yes...
    mercury: damn you
    TWTCH182: i need to know this is gonna happen thpo
    TWTCH182: can i have some collateral?
    mercury: what you want?
    mercury: dont have buds and bills
    TWTCH182: thats fine
    mercury: and i dont want to send money first
    TWTCH182: do you have a cheap unusual i can hang on til i get the money?
    TWTCH182: you will get it back?
    mercury: MY UNUSUAL IS GOOD
    mercury: but then you can keep my unsual
    mercury: then its same
    TWTCH182: i believe you man
    TWTCH182: look i just want to make syre this happens
    mercury: only you give my hat and i am give 140! 140!
    TWTCH182: if you f✿✿✿ me over on this....
    mercury: not 130 not 110
    mercury: but 140
    mercury has accepted your request to trade.
    TWTCH182: i want the money in the next 2 minutes
    mercury: OK
    TWTCH182: let me know when you send it
    mercury is now Offline.
    mercury is currently offline, message cannot be sent.
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  2. TWTCH182

    TWTCH182 New User

    2 things, if you check his bp on steam you will see it at the very end, my laptop wont let me take screen shots,
    second yes it was a Unusual handyman's handle with the stormy storm effect
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