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Accepted Report: 76561198034480416 - (unusual man / [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by n0thing, May 16, 2014.

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  1. n0thing

    n0thing New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Money] Steam Wallet fraud
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198034480416 (unusual man)

    Victim profile: 76561198012611517

    What happened? Description:
    He added me and say he wants to buy my unusuals with a "russian way" "Sending cash to steam wallet through a message using his phone number"​

    Provide Evidence:
    He added me and say he wants to buy my unusuals with a "russian way" "Sending cash to steam wallet through a message using his phone number"

    He didn't wanted to pay the steam fees :D.
    He didn't wanted to use a middleman. ("I don't trust them")

    Everything else you need to see it's in the chat logs :

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Friday, May 16, 2014
    n0thing: why did u added me
    n0thing: >?
    unusual man: hey
    unusual man: I saw that you are selling item on market
    n0thing: oh :D
    n0thing: And ;?
    unusual man: I want to send money on steam wallet
    unusual man: on your
    unusual man: wallet
    unusual man: cause I dont wanna pay those bastards
    n0thing: Hmm nice :D
    unusual man: 15%fee
    unusual man: how much in $ you want
    unusual man: ?
    n0thing: For what?
    unusual man: for startrack
    unusual man: knife
    n0thing: I don't have any knifes mate.
    unusual man: hmm
    unusual man: oh yes you were selling unusual on market
    n0thing: lol..
    unusual man: what
    unusual man: no deal?
    n0thing: o_O I don't understand you.
    unusual man: lets start again
    n0thing: Hi
    unusual man: :D
    n0thing: My name is Cristian and currently i am selling 3 unusuals on the market.
    unusual man: hey
    n0thing: Blizzardy Storm Snaggletooth.
    n0thing: Orbiting Planets Waxy Wayfinder
    unusual man: yes
    n0thing: and a Steaming Tough Guy's Toque.
    unusual man: selling 9 unusual pls trade me :) take only keys and buds
    unusual man: oh not you :D
    unusual man: Blizzardy Storm Snaggletooth.
    unusual man: I wanna buy it from you
    unusual man: but I want to send money directly on steam wallet for -2$ without 15 % fees
    unusual man: are you ineressted in my offer
    unusual man: ?
    n0thing: How you gonna do that?
    unusual man: I live in russian and I can send money through messaage
    unusual man: I need to send
    n0thing: You mean selling through Paypal?
    unusual man: nickname , amount,St
    unusual man: no from my phone
    unusual man: in Russia we can do that
    n0thing: damn Russians :D.
    unusual man: :D
    unusual man: and games are cheaper
    unusual man: they cost that much
    unusual man: when you have sale
    unusual man: and we dont have sale
    unusual man: and when we dont have sale we have lesser price than you have sale
    unusual man: oh and I can teach you
    n0thing: I put my blizzardy storm on the steam for 34 Euros.
    unusual man: how to report me and get me banned from trading
    unusual man: no
    n0thing: That's the amount i need to receive.
    unusual man: not gonna pay those bastards
    unusual man: fee
    n0thing: "That's the amount i need to receive without the fees"
    unusual man: but
    unusual man: they would get fee
    unusual man: cause you putted it for 32 euros
    unusual man: and all players seee 40 I think
    unusual man: or more
    n0thing: yep
    unusual man: k if you dont trust me
    unusual man: then k we dont trade
    unusual man: emm
    n0thing: ?
    unusual man: are you looking for an unusual?
    n0thing: I didn't said i don't trust you..
    unusual man: oh
    unusual man: :D
    n0thing: So
    n0thing: How you gonna send me the money
    unusual man: in the message from phone
    unusual man: your nickname , amount , and write Steam (big S) on number 7878
    unusual man: oh and I could buy all of your unusuals if you want
    unusual man: faster then you will wait on market
    n0thing: nice mate ;X
    unusual man: :D
    n0thing: But i will tell you something first :D
    unusual man: ok
    n0thing: You are on a prank show !
    unusual man: ok
    unusual man: and what?
    n0thing: :D
    n0thing: lol, kidding.
    unusual man: hey prank show
    unusual man: :D
    unusual man: oh and you can film how we trade
    unusual man: if I scam
    n0thing: Now the real thing.
    unusual man: what :D?
    n0thing: I won't trade unless you go first or we use a steamrep middleman.
    unusual man: I dont trust them
    n0thing: Then your only choice is to go first.
    n0thing: or find a trusted TF2-Trader middleman.
    unusual man: you can report me and I will get ban from tradin on a year + my bp would be deleted and you would get your hat in thre days
    unusual man: thats sounds fair
    n0thing: Sir, i speak english. And i hope you understand what i am saying.
    unusual man: no money refunds
    unusual man: yes
    unusual man: D:
    n0thing: You go first or We can use a trusted middleman.
    unusual man: no
    unusual man: dont trust you and middle
    unusual man: man
    n0thing: Ok,
    n0thing: then have a nice day.
    unusual man: k then no trade I dont push on you
    n0thing: Btw, enjoy your steamrep report ;).
    unusual man: w8
    unusual man: what?
    n0thing: Prank show ^>^
    unusual man: :D
    unusual man: do you need and unusual hat
    unusual man: for keys
    n0thing: The only way you can buy my hats are.
    n0thing: Paying in pure keys.
    n0thing: Buying off the makret.
    n0thing: Or paypal.
    unusual man: k
    n0thing: OR with your russian method
    n0thing: and you go first.
    unusual man: do you want any of my unusual
    unusual man: ?
    unusual man: nope
    n0thing: not really.
    unusual man: why?
    n0thing: unless it's a 40% discount.
    unusual man: too much
    7:19 PM - n0thing: or maybe less.
    7:19 PM - n0thing: What unusual can you quicksell.
    7:19 PM - unusual man: 10%
    7:19 PM - n0thing: Neah.
    7:19 PM - n0thing: Too less.
    7:20 PM - unusual man: oh lesser 6 %
    7:20 PM - unusual man: :D
    7:20 PM - unusual man: can I offer you a game
    7:20 PM - unusual man: ?
    7:20 PM - unusual man: cald watchdogs
    7:20 PM - n0thing: how much
    7:21 PM - unusual man: for 2 unusuals
    7:21 PM - n0thing: no ty lol.
    7:22 PM - unusual man: for 20 keys
    7:22 PM - unusual man: thatts fare
    7:22 PM - unusual man: it costs 49.99 euros
    7:22 PM - unusual man: and key costs 1.79
    7:22 PM - n0thing: is it ROW?
    7:23 PM - unusual man: 1.79*20=35.8
    7:23 PM - unusual man: what
    7:23 PM - unusual man: what is row
    7:23 PM - unusual man: ?
    7:23 PM - n0thing: "Rest of the world games"
    7:23 PM - n0thing: Available for every region of the earth.
    7:23 PM - unusual man: go on steam
    7:24 PM - unusual man: yes
    7:23 PM - n0thing: There are some copyes that are "Ru only"
    7:24 PM - n0thing: or "Eu only"
    7:24 PM - unusual man: all of the world
    7:24 PM - n0thing: and many things.
    7:24 PM - unusual man: go on steam
    7:24 PM - unusual man: and click store
    7:24 PM - unusual man: go on search and click watchdogs
    7:25 PM - n0thing: Oh lol 50.00 euros :D
    7:25 PM - n0thing: nice price.
    7:25 PM - unusual man: yes
    7:25 PM - unusual man: I know
    7:25 PM - unusual man: but I will get it in 15 minutes
    7:26 PM - unusual man: then for 15 keys
    7:26 PM - unusual man is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    7:27 PM - unusual man: ou 20
    7:27 PM - unusual man: sory
    7:28 PM - unusual man: :D

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  2. Sjru

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    SteamRep Admin:
    Thank you for your report! An SR admin will review yours in a while!
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  4. Eoj Nawoh

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    SteamRep Admin:
    Hello @n0thing,

    Your report was accepted and the accused was banned. Feel free to report a violation via their Steam profile.

    In order to do that, you have to:
    1. Visit the accused's profile
    2. Click "More" drop-down located at the top right of the page
    3. Choose "Report Violation"
    4. Select the violation, then describe it and provide the evidence
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    Thank you for reporting this user.
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