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Accepted Report: 76561198042573662 (zZMyNameIsDuckyZz)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by HEAVYKIN, Apr 18, 2012.


    HEAVYKIN New User

    steamID: zZMyNameIsDuckyZz
    steamID32: STEAM_0:0:50549740
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061365208
    customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Duckyisnotyourmeal
    steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198061365208

    victim me not that i allowed him to do it
    steamID: HEAVYKIN
    steamID32: STEAM_0:0:30327511
    steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020920750
    steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198020920750

    nice scammer1.jpg scammer 2.jpg scammer 3.jpg scammer 4.jpg scammer profile.jpg

    Descreption :
    so this guy add me showing interest in a hat i have on outpost and asks about cash trades and kind of plays along when i suggest a middle man even though he tries the "dont you trust me line "
    he then start saying he will put links i say no he still do itseveral times
    even after i really verbally abused him when he does it he still tries a link again :)
    anyway didnt look at the links as it can be hidden as anything and he hack me
    he also got low hours on tf2 ...
    and the rest read in chat :) its an obvious but rather stubborn scammer :D

    i didnt save the chat logs but all of it is in the screen shots and its easy to read sorry for the inconvenience

    i suggest he is tagged as once before someone actually falls for it as that performance would convince a noob into giving their stuff to the guy or clicking his links


    ps: in the rare case he isnt a scammer but a real ✿✿✿✿✿✿ then ill appologise to the guy for the verbal abuse .. not that i think he mind cuz i removed him and he added me again really fast so that more reason why i think he is a scammer

    HEAVYKIN New User

    small update i tell him that his report is ready and he admits to having a second banned account

    and the threat about fraud is extra funny ...
    anyway this is pretty much enough to get a tag on the guy i think
  3. zZMyNameIsDuckyZz

    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz New User

    Well, what happened was i wanted to trade for his unusual, i didn't have enough 'earbuds' so then he said 'ok how about you say whats on this link and ill discount it' and i did what he said, then he said Ha! i'm going to ban you and i do have proof because i took quite a few screen shots :)

    HEAVYKIN New User

    the screen shots ... read them ... doesnt match what you are saying
    anyway you get an appeal after your banned so dont worry am sure the screens that i posted and you will post again will help you
  5. zZMyNameIsDuckyZz

    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz New User

    Seriously just be cool, Your the one framing me so if a can forgive you, then maybe you can stop ;)
  6. zZMyNameIsDuckyZz

    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz New User

    Also, i copied the WHOLE chat so here's the proof :)
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: We'll trade when you can see my bp ok?
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Dont remove me : )
    HEAVYKIN: trade what ?
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Since you dont like money
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Ill give you buds instead
    HEAVYKIN: right i want 9999 buds
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: 2 buds for it?
    HEAVYKIN: you cant have that
    HEAVYKIN: go scam someone else dude
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Im not scamming
    HEAVYKIN is now Offline.
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    HEAVYKIN is now Online.
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Heavy?
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Please give me a chance to prove i dont scam
    HEAVYKIN: yes i will talk to the admin
    HEAVYKIN: mudguts
    HEAVYKIN: if he finds you legit
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Can i add him?
    HEAVYKIN: i dont mind
    HEAVYKIN: no he dont accept add from ppl he dont know
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Tell him to check me later,
    HEAVYKIN: you come here
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: I have no connection
    HEAVYKIN: talk in the game chat
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Okay
    HEAVYKIN: i really dont have time for this
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Wanna do the trade later then?
    HEAVYKIN: come here talk to admin he will 99,99% ban you
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Ban me from what?
    HEAVYKIN: but if you think your legit nothing to worry about :)
    HEAVYKIN: just come here and tell him
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Ok?
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: comming
    HEAVYKIN: server is half empty :)
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Very slowly : (
    HEAVYKIN: talk to mudguts or protest
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: and say i dont scam?
    HEAVYKIN: they find you legit i have no issues with trading you
    HEAVYKIN: btw posting links on this server = ban
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Oh why?
    HEAVYKIN: omfg just ask the admin why
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Ok
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: tell him to wait for me for a sex
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: sec
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Woops
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: comming
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: im in
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: now what?
    HEAVYKIN: ok just talk to anti protest
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: what do i say?
    HEAVYKIN: when ever he is back ...
    HEAVYKIN: just ask for him in the chat
    HEAVYKIN: when he response
    HEAVYKIN: tell him i verbaly abused you and called you a scammer
    HEAVYKIN: and that you are elgit
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: so what do i say?
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Ok
    HEAVYKIN: and if he thinks you are then its all good
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: So ill say, protest this guy thinks im a scammer and vverbually abused me, he want me to talk to you and get your ok on this
    HEAVYKIN: something like that
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Ok but i lost connection to tf2 item server
    HEAVYKIN: pretty much that i think your a scammer and dont trust you for paypal trade :)
    HEAVYKIN: doesnt really matter
    HEAVYKIN: all lost connection to item server
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Ok
    HEAVYKIN: only reason am talking to you is am bored
    HEAVYKIN: and while am filling up that nice steam rep report
    HEAVYKIN: dont worry your legit nothing to be afraid of :)
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Why report me?
    HEAVYKIN: dont worry man
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Why?
    HEAVYKIN: you really have nothing to worry about if you arent a scammer
    HEAVYKIN: just the links might get you banned or something
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: so only scammers are banned?
    HEAVYKIN: valve is pretty serious about those links :)
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: So if 100 people repoted me and i dont scam will i be banned?
    HEAVYKIN: nope
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: okay
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: got my connection back
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: try it again
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: omg
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: wait
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Duckyisnotyourmeal/inventory/#440_2_802704345
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: close enough
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: click it
    HEAVYKIN: in your dreams :)
    HEAVYKIN: not clicking it and dont want it
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: its not a link
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: you think this can hack you?
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: i tell you what that is
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: click the top right arrow in chat
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: then display a item in inventory
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: thats it
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Duckyisnotyourmeal/inventory/#440_2_801591619
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: see?
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: clicking it send you to my bp
    HEAVYKIN: dude i dont click any link
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: its not a link
    HEAVYKIN: it is a f✿✿✿✿✿✿ clickable thingy
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: AND?
    HEAVYKIN: anyway i can see your bp now
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: or do it like that
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: yes i know
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: my 149 crates
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: going to unbox all
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: need bp expanders
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: do you have a bp expander?
    HEAVYKIN: no
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: : (
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Want to buy my vintage lugermorph?
    HEAVYKIN: no
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: : (
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Bored
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Ha! you lost connection
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: How would you like me saying you have 0 items?
    HEAVYKIN: i dotn care
    HEAVYKIN: i am bored keeping as entertainment while trade is back
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: 1 question
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Im going to unbox 149 crates this weekend
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Im also going ot record it
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: And upload it on youtube
    HEAVYKIN: wait let me guess
    HEAVYKIN: you give me link to your channel
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Would you like to be in the desc??
    HEAVYKIN: and i will say no f✿✿✿✿✿✿ linkssssssss
    HEAVYKIN: sure put me as the guy who is paranoid as f✿✿✿ from links
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Okay
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: we will trade later
    HEAVYKIN: what is your offer anyway :D
    HEAVYKIN: i mean you tried a few links and so
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Well, im a no good f2p scammer so nothing
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: lol
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: No ill be serious
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Its pyro
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Smoking
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Not to low
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Not to high
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: $85?
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: I would show you my website but....
    HEAVYKIN: lol really
    HEAVYKIN: still trying that
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: What?
    HEAVYKIN: wow man i really give you credit
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: its a website
    HEAVYKIN: you make your self sound so innocent
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: Well i am
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: look
    HEAVYKIN: you trust link to steam rep ?
    HEAVYKIN: http://forums.steamrep.com/threads/steam_0-0-50549740-zzmynameisduckyzz.3189/
    zZMyNameIsDuckyZz: ok
    HEAVYKIN: or just go to stema rep and see the first report
    HEAVYKIN: :)
    HEAVYKIN: enjoy our steam trade ban, YOU f✿✿✿✿✿✿ c✿✿✿ YOU LOSE STEAM WILL BAN YOU I WIN HAHA
    HEAVYKIN is now offline.
  7. HelenAngel

    HelenAngel Retired Staff

    Screenshots of the the chat vs. a copy/paste- yup, going with the screenshots. Also, it's interesting that he would keep trying to get you to click on a link to a random sounds-somewhat-legit website right before a trade when we KNOW that this is how people have had forced trade hacks before. Marking him- thanks for the report. :)