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Invalid Report: 76561198043389229 (☆ Crab Nicholson ☆)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Penguin The Fluffy, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Description: Crab Nicholson owns a trade server and has come by the server that I am one of the head admins at (Pink Taco's Mann Co. Trading) asking for help on several. He was usually was nothing to worry about. Just a couple days ago though he messaged me on steam asking me to trade him tf2 sourcemod plugins that are private plugins between a few servers. I refused to sell it to him and he made threats toward me saying he would can be kept quite in the matter to the coder of the plugin ( a good friend of mine) since some of the people who have it didnt pay him for it (No I did not screenshot this because I did not think he would be a problem). Although that has been discussed with the coder already he can be found on my list under the name linux_lover.

    Continuing on i brushed it off thinking the guy was an idiot. Well during the same time he was asking me for plugins he was messaging owners/admins of other servers asking for the plugins offering tf2 items or paypal (refer to Boom! on my friends list and Moee also as they were the ones in question). They refused to sell any.

    He then proceeded to try to slander my name and try to make people question my character. This does not fly right with me since I am an admin on an unusual trade server and a middleman.
    This was all brought to my attention from {BBG} Moee, a person who crab tried to buy plugins from and tried to talk him into getting plugins off me that he isnt supposed to have.
    Moe linked me what crab had said which was parts of the first mentioned conversation.

    The day after Moee told me about all this, Moee gets added by one of the admins from Crabs trade server asking why Moee scammed him. Crab was going around and telling people that Moee scammed him. In the process of this Moee and I both contacted {BBG} Cloudy. Cloudy added and spoke with crab who proceeded to change his story and lie several times.

    Cloudy ended up putting a UTC Perma ban on the guy for "Accusing people of scamming in attempts of getting them banned on various servers, harassing various server owners for plugins, and being disrespectful towards admins. I have chatlogs saved if needed."

    This can be seen here: http://www.unusualtradingcommunity....rch=STEAM_0:1:41561750&advType=steamid&Submit

    Feel free to contact cloudy on this issue also.

    Furthermore I started to look at crab and his trade server more and I noticed that not only is he trying to bully people into trades but he himself is friends with 3 scammers AND that on his trade server group one of the scammers is even an ADMIN. This begs into question crabs own character if he is going to not only condone scammers but he is going to let them be TRADE ADMINS.

    For this refer to his friend:
    ★Bladestararr!★ ❤Rarity❤


    The trade group in which he is an admin both in the group and the server:

    I bring this all to your attention because I do not believe this man should be running a trade server and employing these tactics. I mean if he is going to do this over plugins, what would he do over hats.

    NOT TO MENTION the falsely claiming people as scammers in an attempt to get his way. For that reason I believe crab nicholson should be marked as a scammer or at the very least have a HUGE SR caution put on him as trading with him and not giving him what he wants may end up with him falsely accusing others also.

    Thank you very much for your time.
  2. Bo0m!

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    Not that I care about what happens to Crab that much, but I just figured I'd chime in with a bit more insight on this after speaking with everyone and reviewing chat logs of Crab with Penguin, Moee, Cloudy, and myself.

    Summary of Crab's scammer claim:
    • Crab was selling an all-father in his server and asked how much it was worth.
    • A player named 'moe' in his server told him it's only worth 2 keys.
    • Crab trades it for 5 refined and then finds out it's worth much more and bans 'moe'
    • Other people who hear "Crab banned moe for scamming him" assume it's Moee.

    Reason Crab cannot come up with a SteamID from the moe ban (Resulting in UTC Ban):
    • After the moe ban, the box running Crab's server failed and all data was lost. (I had Crab forward me his email from Art of War Central to confirm that this really did happen)
    • Crab's server was restored on the 2nd but his last server backup was ~2 weeks old, so the ban was lost as well as the server logs.
    • Only description is a black avatar and all lowercase name "moe"

    Regarding Crab's slander on Penguin giving out plugins:
    • Crab was interested in buying some plugins used on TF2-Trader (Donor System/Spycrab Box).
    • I told Crab the Spycrab Box was borrowed from Pink Taco's Server and to discuss that with Penguin, not me.
    • The spycrab box is a private plugin not intended to be given out without permission of linux_lover; as such, Penguin tells Crab the only way he'd sell it is a ton of money and complete silence (aka a nice way to say "Yeah, no").
    • Crab expects it for free since TF2T borrowed it (TF2-Trader was later ok'd by linux to have it anyway) and assumes other servers running the spycrab box also got it from Penguin (Not the case; example being Crab thought he saw the spycrab box on a new trade server run by Longfellowdeeds, however later realized it was on BBG servers, which recieved the plugin through linux_lover himself, not Penguin).
    • Crab decides to 'warn' me and Moee not to trust Penguin because he seriously believes Penguin gives out private plugins and therefore is untrustworthy.

    Communication fail. Crab jumped the gun without getting his facts straight before taking shots at Penguin. Cloudy banned Crab because he assumed he was lying, but Crab literally couldn't show proof even if he wanted to due to lost data.

    And that's all I have to say about that, for now.
  3. Rob

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    Nice to see crab is still around.

    No mark to be applied, as no mark is applicable. Will consider adding "Complete ✿✿✿✿✿✿" tag in the future for cases like Mr. Nicholson.
  4. Penguin The Fluffy

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    Thank you for taking the time to look at everything,Rob. And I am in full support of a "complete ✿✿✿✿✿✿' tag if it is ever to be implemented. lol

    Again your time is very much appreciated.