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Pending Report: 76561198118262002 - (QUINN / [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items)

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by strikerJAG, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. strikerJAG

    strikerJAG New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Accomplice] Alternate account of hijacker or scammer
    Virtual item type involved: [TF2] Team Fortress 2 Items

    Accused profile: 76561198118262002 (QUINN)

    Victim profile: 76561198042645985

    What happened? Description:
    QUINN attempted to scam me. "She" asked to "borrow" keys so she could buy an unusual. I said no obviously, but then she continued and then said that as a way of insuring that she would not scam be, i should keep the unusual and she will pay me back for it later when she gets the funds.

    I met "her" on an unusual trade server (an actual, non killing trade server). I asked if anyone wanted to spycrab for a key. So she said yes but what was strange was that her backpack had absolutely nothing of value in it but a single key. I crabbed her, she didn't do the crab taunt once (which seemed a bit fishy) so she won. She then added me, i accepted. This morning i logged on and joined a server, she joined my game and started messaging me acting like i was her best friend. Then she asks how much my unusual is worth and how much keys i have in my bp. I tell her and then she immediately starts asking the questions I wrote at the top of this report. I tell her to stop trying to scam me and tell her im going to write a steamrep report, she then threatens me with steam rep report for absolutely no reason.

    How I absolutely know this is an alt for a scammer is because when she asked me these questions I took a look at her backpack, that key she won off me the previous night, not there (must have traded it to the main account).

    So to recap, very low hours (72), very worthless backpack except for one key, knows about SteamRep (most wouldn't) and hanging around a proper unusual trading server. Crabs me for a key, wins, next morning that key is not in her backpack. Asks me to let her "borrow" some keys. Then asks me to purchase someone elses unusual for which she will "pay back" later. After asking where the missing keys went she blocks me.​

    Provide Evidence:
    Sorry for steam mobile screenshots but the conversation was not saved on my pc.
    All the relevant bits of conversation are included

    Asking to "borrow" keys
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    Asking about the missing key (blocks me at the end)
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  2. -UT- Jenny

    -UT- Jenny New User

    Whew! Only found this today when someone linked me!

    Allow me to enlighten you all with regards to the context of the situation. I was a genuine new trader. I'd wanted to get into trading, as it seemed like a pretty cool avenue. A friend basically gave me a crash course in trading, explaining outpost, bp.tf, steamrep, and finally the actual trading mechanisms. I'd met a friend on a normal trade server, and followed him onto the unusual one, Universal Traders (of which I have many friends on, who can vouch I'm not a scammer -.-). Striker asked if anyone wished to spycrab. I didn't really understand the concept, so he explained it to me. I won the crab (and suggesting I somehow have a spycrab script is simply ridiculous), and I got the key. He then logged off, but not before adding me. I had genuinely thought I'd made a friend. I then proceeded to spycrab someone by the name of MrMikeyJr, and subsequently lost the key. The next morning, I saw Striker was online. Being new to TF2, and probably able to count my friends on my right hand, I was friendly to him, as I am to everyone. As a side note, I love how because I was nice to him, it instantly makes me a scammer. Anyhoo, I was interested in his unusual, as I thought it to be quite nice. I had found someone quick selling a Nuts 'n' bolts Coppers Hard Top for 9 keys that day, so I was looking for a way to finance my first unusual. I tried to think of a way to guarantee he would get his keys, so the most logical solution I came up with was for him to purchase it off of the seller, than keep the hat until I came up with the keys to pay him back. He seemed to think it was a scam, and threatened to report me here. He wrongly stated I threatened to report him, what I said was that he'd get in trouble by filing a false report (he conveniently didn't put that last part in the screenshot). Also, if I remember correctly, he blocked me, not the other way around. I have come a long way since needing 8 keys to buy my first unusual, with a backpack worth 8 buds right now. I'd love to clear this blemish off of my record, as I had not done anything wrong.

    Anyhoo, have a wonderful day!
  3. >:PSlayer>:3

    >:PSlayer>:3 New User

    Hey, you are the guy who offered me some miami nights unusuals for my amassment power surge hat lol :p
  4. -UT- Jenny

    -UT- Jenny New User

    Yup! Ended up using them all to buy a Surge Tower! :>