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Accepted Report: 76561198143236381 - ([CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by be_CoY, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. be_CoY

    be_CoY New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Gambling] Fake gambling website
    Virtual item type involved: [CSGO] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Items

    Accused profile: 76561198143236381

    Victim profile: 76561198048372848

    What happened? Description:
    I was asked to do promotion for the gambling page http://skins-master.com/ .
    They wanted to pay me by having me bet on that page and rig it, so I was winning the jackpot twice. As proof I was supposed to pick someone who bet currently and he made him win the jackpot.
    He said he is doing that in the steamchat, proof below as a screenshot. Since I declined he said he could also pay me with a 300 dollar gift code for the page http://csgo-wolves.com. I didn't go onto that page since it didn't seem safe.
    After I declined that offer he deleted me instantly.​

    Provide Evidence:
    Steam chat Screenshots.​

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    01:26 - H2OALex: Hi
    01:27 - be_CoY: hi
    01:27 - H2OALex: How are you
    01:27 - be_CoY: good thanks mate, how are you?
    01:27 - H2OALex: I'm fine buddy thx for asking
    01:28 - H2OALex: Are you busy?
    01:28 - H2OALex: ^^
    01:28 - be_CoY: not as, just chilling a bit until i'm tired to sleep
    01:28 - H2OALex: I have a little deal for you
    01:28 - H2OALex: I'm looking for promoters for one site
    01:28 - be_CoY: okay?
    01:29 - H2OALex: Ofc I'll pay you
    01:29 - H2OALex: Need to put link in nickname and keep it for month
    01:29 - H2OALex: Also tell some friends bout site
    01:29 - be_CoY: why would you think i had the popularity to make it even worth a single dollar xd
    01:30 - H2OALex: Cuz you have good profile and highlvl friends
    01:30 - H2OALex: ^^
    01:30 - H2OALex: Also I remember we have played csgo together
    01:30 - H2OALex: U were pretty good
    01:31 - be_CoY: it's hard for me to remember all i played with :p
    01:31 - be_CoY: i'm very sorry, i have a terrible memory
    01:31 - H2OALex: Not problem man
    01:31 - be_CoY: idk, i'm not good, average at best
    01:31 - H2OALex: So site is http://skins-master.com
    01:31 - H2OALex: Do you like the design
    01:31 - H2OALex: ?
    01:32 - be_CoY: give me a minute alright? i'm a bit anxious about links i don't know
    01:32 - be_CoY: especially coming from people without an inventory, low amount of hours in go and a vac ban
    01:32 - H2OALex: Ok you can use your phone
    01:33 - H2OALex: I got vac from gmod
    01:33 - H2OALex: :(
    01:33 - H2OALex is now Away.
    01:34 - be_CoY: they actually vac people for cheating in gmod? xd
    01:37 - be_CoY: so it's basically a page where you can bet skins for a chance of winning a major amount correct?
    01:37 - H2OALex is now Online.
    01:37 - H2OALex: Yeah
    01:37 - H2OALex: For dota and cs
    01:37 - H2OALex is now Away.
    01:37 - be_CoY: how do i use the chat
    01:37 - H2OALex is now Online.
    01:37 - be_CoY: on the site
    01:37 - H2OALex: You need to log in
    01:37 - H2OALex is now Away.
    01:39 - be_CoY: i do like hte design
    01:39 - be_CoY: are you the owner of that page?
    01:39 - H2OALex is now Online.
    01:39 - H2OALex: I'm moderator and designer
    01:40 - H2OALex is now Online.
    01:41 - be_CoY: i'm interested in the economic side of it, do you guys get around 10% or sth cut off the total worth of skins?
    01:41 - H2OALex: Yeah but now site is kinda start up and we get nothing from players
    01:42 - H2OALex: So this rule will start in 10 days
    01:42 - H2OALex: I guess
    01:42 - be_CoY: fair enough
    01:42 - be_CoY: this is actually really cool
    01:42 - be_CoY: do you have confirmation from valve?
    01:42 - be_CoY: that this is fine?
    01:42 - H2OALex: Not really we working bout it
    01:43 - H2OALex: U see we made steam log in system
    01:43 - be_CoY: i can only work with you, if you do have it. otherwhise it might damage my reputation
    01:43 - be_CoY: there's been a lot of controversity about betting with skins
    01:43 - H2OALex: So valve is checking our site
    01:43 - H2OALex: No problem with it
    01:44 - H2OALex: May I show you one thing ?
    01:44 - be_CoY: go ahead
    01:44 - be_CoY: it looks very serious so far
    01:44 - H2OALex: Do you see players in pot?
    01:44 - H2OALex: Choose one random and tell me nickname
    01:45 - be_CoY: alright, let's wait for some entrys
    01:46 - be_CoY: let's have the führer dude
    01:46 - be_CoY: i'm german, so i like him
    01:46 - H2OALex: Ok man
    01:46 - H2OALex: He is going to win
    01:46 - H2OALex: Look
    01:47 - be_CoY: alright
    01:47 - be_CoY: so you can manipulate it
    01:47 - H2OALex: Yeah man
    01:47 - H2OALex: This is the way of payment for you
    01:47 - H2OALex: I'll make you win 2 pots
    01:48 - be_CoY: fair enough
    01:48 - be_CoY: this is where i have to decline
    01:49 - H2OALex: Why so?
    01:49 - be_CoY: this is basically a scam towards all other people playing along
    01:49 - H2OALex: It's only for first two weeks
    01:49 - be_CoY: i am fine with getting paid with a share of the skins you take off of hte jackpot
    01:49 - H2OALex: You can get good percent and I'll pick you
    01:50 - be_CoY: mate
    01:50 - be_CoY: i'll be very straight
    01:50 - H2OALex: I mean when we will start to take tax I'll pay you in skins
    01:50 - H2OALex: It's not scam
    01:50 - be_CoY: alright
    01:50 - be_CoY: i will promote you, as soon as you start taking your share
    01:51 - H2OALex: Ah man I have another way to pay you
    01:51 - be_CoY: i won't take part in the betting myself, even, if it is a rigged game
    01:51 - H2OALex: I have second project I designed
    01:51 - be_CoY: especially if it isn't
    01:51 - H2OALex: http://Csgo-wolves.com
    01:51 - H2OALex: I have promo code there
    01:52 - H2OALex: For 300$
    01:52 - H2OALex: But I can't use it cuz I'm tradeholded
    01:52 - H2OALex: So
    01:52 - H2OALex: I can give it to you
    01:52 - be_CoY: i'm very sorry, we won't have a deal this way
    01:53 - be_CoY: the page looks very nice, but the manipluation thing alone is a no go itself already
    01:53 - H2OALex: On http://csgo-wolves.com it's not manipulation thing
    01:53 - H2OALex: I'll just give you promo
    01:54 - H2OALex: And also you know valve will check out site for rigging
    01:54 - H2OALex: I mean
    01:54 - H2OALex: We will finish abuse it
    01:54 - H2OALex: Tomorrow
    01:54 - H2OALex: Is it good thing?
    01:55 - be_CoY: i told you the conditions i would support you cause in
    01:55 - be_CoY: i think what you told me means you declined
    01:55 - be_CoY: i'm sure you'll have good success even without me
    01:55 - be_CoY: best luck
    01:55 - H2OALex is now Offline.

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