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Archived Scammer,76561198076554917

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by maRe, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. maRe

    maRe New User

    steamname: maRe
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:52702463
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065670654
    | customURL:
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198065670654

    | steamname: [A]drriaaanD2T™
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:58144594
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198076554917
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Adrriaaan
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198076554917

    Screnshot of trade:

    Screenshot of profile page:

    Transcriotion of chat:

    Tuesday, August 27, 2013
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: add friend or send message ?
    maRe: just went to ur steam acc/
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: =)
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ye
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: did it show the same profile as this one ?
    maRe: yes
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: cs go here still needs installing
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: :rofl:
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and updating
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: :rofl:
    maRe: P.S. : If you are really talking/discussing with Me and NOT a IMPERSONATOR always Remember This.

    ? 400+ Hours Gameplay at Dota 2
    ? 10+ Hours at CS:GO
    ? At Least have 3 Badges.
    ? My Profile will Never be Private
    ? Have 65 Friends Exact
    ? A Member Since November 24 2011
    ? I will never be responsible of you're Potential/Financial Loss of being Scammed just Because by not READING those details above
    Happy Trading!! :)
    maRe: all there exept cs go..
    maRe: sry man mybe im dumb but im new to this..
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: haha
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: it's ok man
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: if you change pc
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: all that's in your profile
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: are the games installed in the computer
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: =)
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: try it
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: :rofl:
    maRe: oh
    maRe: give me a sec :)
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: i like your style
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: beware of impersonators
    maRe: yea :()
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and
    maRe: cia style :) interigations
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: many impersonators and fake MM now
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: so beware
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: before trading with MM
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: check his profile first
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok
    maRe: sure
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: so what now ? :p
    maRe: juse sec my bros lap top so slow..
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: what you doin with his lappy ?
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: cia ?
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: :rofl:
    maRe: hes loggin on his acc .. yea cia stuff.dont tell anyone
    maRe: or else
    maRe: ..
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: i don't even know your brother lol
    maRe: anh we just cheking something
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: like what ? :p
    maRe: like that what u told me if u dont have game instaled it wont report that u played it,sry but little stuff bothers me..
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: haha
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: try
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: :rofl:
    maRe: its still showing that he played..
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: you sure ?
    maRe: on his laptop
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: :)
    maRe: yea
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: mb he has that file in the laptop
    maRe: and he dont ahve instaled game he have on his pc
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: try
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: if he can play that game
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: that means he installed it
    maRe: he dont have it instaled..
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: add me in your bros account
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: =)
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: add me
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: what's the username
    maRe: nIk
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: what?
    maRe: nik
    maRe: but cap i
    maRe: I
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: nik nly ?
    maRe: capital i
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: yugoslavia?
    maRe: serbia
    maRe: there is no yug no more
    maRe: just serbia is not lsited
    maRe: but yea
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: did i added right ?
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: how many games he has there?
    maRe: 2
    maRe: call of duty and dota
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: i see 5
    maRe: which ones
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: let me send you a screenshot
    maRe: k
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: here
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: go to my pofile
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: click view allgame
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and click recently played
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: you can see the 10hrs cs go
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: :rofl:
    maRe: ohhho
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: see?
    maRe: there it is
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: =)))
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: told yah
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: so what now mr cia ?
    maRe: think me might about to trade
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: :rofl:
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: that's nice
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: told you i'm legit :rofl:
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: can i get your information
    maRe: so what s the info i have to give u
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: is there a western union remittance there in your place
    maRe: there are banks that are associated with it
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: do you have bank account ?
    maRe: i can use my bors
    maRe: bros
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: give me his name
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and bank number
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and bank name
    maRe: give me a sec i have some acc i jsut chek if its with taht banl
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and address
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: okok
    maRe: sec
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: if you want
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: you could just give me your name and address
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and ill give you mine
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: =)
    maRe: Im Marko Stefanovic
    maRe: adress is Pohorska 6
    maRe: 11070 BElgrade
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ow wait
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: :rofl:
    maRe: Belgrade*
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: don't need the address
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: just the name
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and code
    maRe: nwm
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: 120$ right ?
    maRe: y
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: Adrian Josh Hum
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: give me your thread again so i can rep you there
    maRe: http://dota2traders.com/threads/mare-reputation-thread.83893/
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: go ?
    maRe: so
    maRe: whats the deal now
    maRe: i give u item or what
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: yes
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and then ill send my errand boy to send the money
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: in 5 mins
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: you can get it
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: don't mis spell my name
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok?
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: Marko Stefanovic
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: right?
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: double check
    maRe: y
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok go
    maRe: few more questions pls
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok
    maRe: how does this trandfer works
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: you know the banks that work with WU?
    maRe: y
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: there is a paper there that says remittance
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: you will need to fill it up
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: i will give you a code
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: fill my name as send
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: sender*
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and you as reciever
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: then put amount
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: then control number
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: understand?
    maRe: yea
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ready ?
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: trade me when ready
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: don't forget to rep me
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: =)
    maRe: its just that i talked with WU agents and they told me that party that send money can retract money ..
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: you can retract
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: if the transaction hasnt been redeemed and /or had misconduct
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: if it got redeemed asap. you cant retract ir
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: it*
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: cos WU won't be responsible for that
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: =)
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: more questions ?
    maRe: give me sec to proces all
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: any progress?
    maRe: imthinkihg about those fees that have to be payed.
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: fees are on the sender
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: like any money remittance :rofl:
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: that's my love for hook
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: and love hurts
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: hard
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: -.-
    maRe: dude i can only hope ur not some kind of scammer coz im aobut to do this s✿✿✿
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: na
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: to be honest
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: i don't know why people scam
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: why don't they just get a job :rofl:
    maRe: ok
    maRe: we go and i pray..
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: ok
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: you have my word
    [A]drriaaanD2T™ has accepted your request to trade.
    maRe: so
    [A]drriaaanD2T™: wait ok
    maRe: i got all info on trade
    maRe: print screens and all
    maRe: so
    maRe: what going on
    maRe: yo
    maRe: yo man
    maRe: wtf
    maRe: are u here

    We agreed to make trade, he wanted to buy DC hook and i wanted to sell. I was reluctant go go first.We agreed on price,payment was to be made trough Western Union. I gave him hook first, he wanted for me go first coz i dont have rep thread at that time. We made deal, he said to wait and just went offline. Although he didndt "unfriend" me. Dont have screenshot of chat window but i got transcription.
  2. maRe

    maRe New User

    Dont have screenshoot of chat, at that time my internet crahsed for about 10 mins and i restarted everything, including cpu, and when it got back online only chat messages that was visible were last 3 sentences. but i did get transcription coz i copy-pasted it to my brother on skype to tell me his opinion on trade.. and i dont know any way to get history of chat with some person,if there is please tell me i will do it rght away..and when i click on this scammer i get only those 3 last sentences..here are 3 screens that i have.

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  3. maRe

    maRe New User

    im just wondering is some one gonna take look at this or what ?!
  4. maRe

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  5. maRe

    maRe New User

    not a single response.. cool..
  6. NinjaNick

    NinjaNick New User

    Please don't ''Bump'' your thread, I learned just like you, that Admins will get to your Scammer Report eventually. Until then sit tight.
  7. Sjru

    Sjru SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Sorry but screenshot evidence of the chat is vital.

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