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Scammer being allowed to trade freely

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by The Oatmeal, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Mysticz

    Mysticz New User

    I swear at someone when I have them blocked on Steam and they find a way to trick me into getting into a chat room with them inside a game. I swear at someone when they continue to lie to me even when I take the time to chat with them, despite the fact they are blocked. He came to me, i did not come to him. He had been blocked for weeks now, I do not want to talk to him or to any of you.

    Regarding Jackdaw, here is what I was referencing. He had his chance right there to claim that I edited logs, and he did not. I have not once seem him say that logs were edited.

  2. Scarness

    Scarness Friend Community

    I'll repeat , does our website look in any way harmful? It is also the question you avoid in the group chat.
    Also , bridgeS:http://i.imgur.com/2xGaP.png
  3. Gae △ Bolg

    Gae △ Bolg New User

    I believe we have gone through this already at Reddit, and I see no reason to drag the s✿✿✿ to a clean forum like Steamrep. Everything that needed to be said has been said already, and I've invited any steamrep admin to have my steam account and see my trade history/my items/my friends or whatever he needs to see. Also invited them to be part of our staff and keep our website as safe as it can possibly be and with no "shady" things going on. Starting yet another flamewar against someone like you won't do any good, not for us nor for Steamrep themselves, as I'm pretty sure their intentions with this community are not having stupid drama threads.

    That said, I never harassed you, I tried to talk to you to sort things out, but you were too busy trying to bring our community down, just like now. You blocked me because you didn't want to face me, but instead decided to bring your flaming to other public places.

    This will be our last post in this thread, as we do not plan on going on with this s✿✿✿, Steamrep is not the place for drama.

    Our apologies from de D2T staff for this issue.
    Gae △ Bolg, D2T admin.
  4. SilentReaper(SR)

    SilentReaper(SR) Retired Staff

    SteamRep Admin:
    No flame wars. No matter who's right. The righteous should know better and the flamers get their due.

    As the issue was revolved around the dota2 forum banning or not for scamming, and this discussion point has been "resolved" or not, we will find out eventually anyways. For now I will lock this topic, to stop further "flaming".

    For the "flamers", please understand that using this forum is a privilege that can be revoked. As we are very busy ppl, flaming is just a waste of time.

    For now I will lock this thread. Please don't restart this here.
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