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READ ME Screenshot Guide/Requirements

Discussion in 'Report a Scam' started by Horse, Mar 18, 2017.

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    SteamRep Admin:
    How to make screenshots:
    First, you need something to get screencaps/screenshots.
    We are going to focus on the easiest ways that do not involve any extra software or downloads.

    Snipping Tool:
    For those running Windows version XP and up, the Snipping Tool, a free, built-in screenshot capture program. It can be opened via Start > Accessories OR use "Search" and type "Snip" in windows search and it should show up. You can select a rectangular area and save the image you took to your computer. Make sure to include the taskbar with the date/time visible. This is the best and easiest way to take screenshots to comply with our evidence policy.

    Print Screen + Paint:
    If you are on Windows, you can also take screenshots by pressing "Print Screen" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Print_screen) Prt Scr is short for print screen and may not appear on your keyboard as the same spelling. After you've pressed it, click on your Windows icon, search for Paint. Open Paint, press Ctrl + V to paste it into the Paint window. (Older versions of windows paint will give you a pop-up saying it must expand the canvas size, click OK) Go to File - Save As - And save the screenshot with a name you'll remember and ending in .jpg .png or .bmp format. Do not submit in .pdf or other zip type formats.

    ShareX Free on Steam:
    Since anyone doing a report with SteamRep obviously has steam - there is a FREE App available to take screenshots.
    Just be sure to make the options for this FULL SCREEN if you intend to use it as that is how we require evidence screenshots posted here.
    You can find the application by going here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/400040/

    How to upload screenshots:
    You will need to upload the images to your post as attachments. You can find this option at the bottom of your post. You may upload up to 15 pictures per post, if you have more then 15, just upload the rest of the pictures as a reply to your thread. DO NOT UPLOAD AND LINK YOUR SCREENSHOTS FROM OTHER SITES - such as gyazo, prntscr, imgur - we do not accept images hosted to 3rd party hosting sites!

    How to enable steam address bar:
    To give yourself and us a better idea of who you are dealing with, please enable the steam address bar. To do this, go to your steam account settings > select "Interface" on the left side of the page > check the checkbox next to "Display Steam URL address bar when available" > select "OK".
    See here for examples of how to enable this: horsesettings.jpg horsesettings3.jpg

    See here for example on how to also enable/display time stamps in chat logs: horsesettings1.jpg
    Having these enabled does help with investigating what is happening.

    Basic Screenshot Requirements:
    • When taking screenshots, please capture the entire desktop view, we ask this because it provides additional information that we otherwise may not see. Do NOT crop your screenshots.
    • When submitting Steam support tickets, please do so in English. This setting can be changed by logging in to your support account and in the upper right of the webpage select English from the language drop down list.
    • We will never ask you for your steam account name, this is your private information and should not be visible in any of your screenshots. It is recommended you cover it up with your friends list or a chat box.
    • All chats you have with steam users should be done ONLY WITH STEAM CHAT, we may not accept other chat methods because we cannot link 3rd party chat services to a specific steam user. Make sure to screenshot the full chat!
    • Any screenshots that can be taken within the steam client itself, as opposed to steam mobile or browser, is preferred.

    Here are examples of Basic Screenshot Requirements:
    As seen in this image - it shows the FULL SCREENSHOT - notice how the chat box of a friend is over the account name?
    You can do this since we do not allow editing of screenshots - put something over the name if you must.
    Example of what NOT to do in a screenshot: horse2.jpg
    Notice here how the name is scratched out with red marks - this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!
    Alternatively if you are taking screenshots of another users profile for evidence you can do so thru a web browser not logged in. This screenshot would appear as such: horse3.jpg
    An example of how to change a Steam Support ticket over to English can be found here: ticketlanguage.jpg

    Commonly needed evidence & where to get it:

    Profile of the accused:
    • There are LOTS of impersonators so be certain you're viewing the right profile. In a chat, click on the person's avatar to view their profile.
    • If you've already closed the chat window and traded the user, you can get their profile link by clicking on their name in your inventory history, Copy the page URL of the profile and use this to identify the account you traded with. Do not trust the name on the profile as the actual user you traded!
    • With regards to showing where a user is impersonating another users STORAGE or INVENTORY - you need to show this - and you can perform a simple 'mouse over' effect of the URL shown here in these two examples: horse4.jpg horse5.jpg Notice the URL clearly at the bottom of the screenshot as the links are hovered over in a normal web browser.

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