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READ ME SteamRep Investigative Policy

Discussion in 'Report a Scam' started by Horse, Aug 28, 2016.

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    SteamRep Investigative Policy

    Scam reports and attempts to scam reports we DO investigate:
    1. Trades conducted through the Steam trading window that has Steam inventory history such as CS:GO, TF2, Dota2, H1Z1, etc.
    2. Trades involving the above with Paypal, BTC, Skrill or other money transaction systems.
    3. Impersonation with the clear intent to scam.
    These reports we will mark as either:
    UNDER INVESTIGATION (Further research underway by SR Staff.)
    NEEDS MORE INFO (Requires more evidence or details from the reporter.)
    INVALID (A report marked invalid means the report either has no value such as a troll report, or falls outside our Investigative Policy. No judgement call is made about whether or not a scam happened, regardless of evidence.)
    ACCEPTED (The report has met the acceptable standard of proof to action a tag.)
    DECLINED (The report failed to meet SteamRep's evidence requirements to prove the accused is guilty of wrongdoing, therefore we cannot determine whether or not any scam occurred.)
    REJECTED (An admin has reviewed a report, and has determined the report to be a false report with no legitimacy to it. Depending on the case, a banned or caution tag can be applied to the reporter at an admin’s discretion, such as reports providing fake evidence to get someone else banned. If a report is Rejected, SteamRep staff has determined the accused is proven innocent.)
    ARCHIVED (A report marked archived means the report was found by a staff member to have insufficient evidence to warrant either a caution or a banned tag. Any report that is lacking evidence, and is not a “troll report”, should be marked archived. Archived does not declare the scam never happened, but simply states that there is not enough evidence for us to prove one way or another.)
    ALREADY BANNED (The Accused was already Banned/Tagged here or thru a Partner Tag, twice for two separate instances or reports and the report will not be reviewed. It will be marked as noted and moved to Archived location.)
    INVALID FORMAT (The report is not formatted correctly to the point of being not actionable.)​


    It is advised to NOT ATTEMPT THESE TRADES. These trades are listed below. Reports regarding the following may or may not be processed depending on the amount of evidence received:
    1. Outside of STEAM trades ie: STEAM items vs other Game Economy items/currency scams (RUGP WoW gold, etc.) This includes but not limited to coins, credits being transferred thru various sites. We must be able to link the transfer of such back to the SteamID of the victim and the accused otherwise unable to investigate. Trading thru cross-platforms (Origin vs Steam vs Battle.net) we just can't verify so best to avoid these trades.
      With the sheer number of games and economies available, SteamRep cannot provide a uniform knowledge of all non-steam game currency economies, their intricacies etc. So it is impossible to effectively investigate any case of this nature.
    Reports we DO NOT investigate:
    These reports we will automatically mark as INVALID and will not be researched or actioned:
    1. Proprietary maps, scripts, artwork, video design, copyright, & other server administration disputes
      As these fall within the realm of server administration and fall entirely outside of Steam trading, SteamRep does not investigate these (regardless of any precedent set in the past).
    2. Scams involving trades occurring entirely outside of Steam trading
      SteamRep's scope is limited to trades that involve the Steam economy and Steam trading ONLY. We do not handle scams for other game economies nor do we handle scams regarding outside businesses or agencies. These should be handled with the appropriate authorities.
    3. Scams involving Tangible/Physical Goods Refer above, it is outside SteamRep's ability to effectively investigate and to determine the legitimacy of such trades.
    4. FakeRep or Rep Reports SteamRep does not maintain reputation threads and does not see profile rep as legitimate. Please report to the community where the fakerep is posted - if posted on steam groups, you can report the posting to the group responsible or report the group to Valve directly.
    5. CD Key, Steam Code, Game Code, Pin Code and all other key/code Reports Please report to the community where the trade originated and make a steam support ticket. https://support.steampowered.com/ - these types of scams are impossible to verify as legitimate to begin with or what account the code is redeemed on. Before we only accepted if a user had solid proof, now we are rejecting all such reports. You can also report the user to Valve using the in profile reporting feature:
    6. Spycrabbing,Boxing, any type of server wager/bet Please report to the community that operates the server where the wager/bet took place. SteamRep does not maintain any game or trade servers and many individual communities have different rules when it comes to these activities. These reports are best addressed by the communities that operate the servers.
    7. Phishing/hijacking account reports: If you are phished/hijacked you need to submit a steam support ticket ASAP https://support.steampowered.com/ Report phishing attempts to Valve by using the in-profile report system as noted here:
      Please keep in mind that users posting phishing links are often phished/hijacked themselves (if not a brand new throwaway account) and their account is being used to try and hijack even more accounts. For that reason, it's best to leave these cases to Valve/Steam as we do not have the resources to handle such cases. Additionally, the victim would have to appeal their tag once they regained access to their account. It's best to not create any undue hardship for someone who's already going through an account hijacking. Hijacking/Phishing can involve but not limited to asking for API data to various sites, giving you altered links/addresses to various sites and even sites that are not spelled correctly. Some sites may even ask you for steam login credentials or login credentials to sites you may use - all of these are Hijacking/Phishing attempts and are not to be reported here. Report all of these directly to Valve and/or those sites involved.
    8. Fake gambling websites or scam websites: The majority of these scams take place from hijacked Steam accounts (see above about phishing/hijacking reports), and the sites themselves are often interchangeable with phishing websites. Further, the practice of fully investigating and proving whether any given website is truly rigging bets is impractical. All gambling websites are a violation of the Steam terms of service, so please report accounts involved in these websites to Valve.
    9. Non-English Reports: SteamRep will not handle reports outside of the English Language - reports in other languages can be submitted to Partner Communities thru SR. (See Here for list).
    10. Revoked gifts: We will not handle cases involving revoked gifts over Steam as it is impossible to prove who revoked it and if selling it to get it revoked again was intentional. Exceptions to this can be made at the admin's discretion.
    Please don't make such reports on SR as they will be rejected.
    We reserve the right in egregious cases to mark users for such offenses and/or in the future decide to mark for such scam types again. Intentional fake/false reports may result in a banned or caution tag given to the reporter.

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