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Was wondering if I did wrong.

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Paul The Goth, May 22, 2013.

  1. Paul The Goth

    Paul The Goth New User

    Iv done this before were I traded with my marked friend with items I had for his. I was told I wouldnt get in-trouble unless it was a bills of more. But I asked him today if he knew anyone looking to do a 1:1 trade for my robo-hats or 2:1 to get the Googol Glass eyes. He said he would look around, he then told me the prices of my items and for me to give him the hats he found somebody. I asked him straight out if he was scamming anyone. He reluctantly said no and gave me the Googol eyes a few seconds later. He said both my hats didnt cover it so he threw in his business casual to buy it for me. I checked his backpack and it was gone. I didnt hear any problem on the sellers end since he got two robo-hats and a business casual. But after this was over I realized I had my marked friend do a trade for me. If this is punishable by being marked myself I figured I should out right tell the forums. I dont wanna be a scammer and I made the mistake of asking my scammer friend do look for a trade for me, then do it for me. People trade with him all the time but still he did a trade for me with 2 of mine and 1 of his items for a item for me. He assured me I wouldn't get marked but last time I reported myself trading with him I was told aslong as I dont do it repeatedly or with something worth a bills or over. I thought id ask if this will get me marked or not. If I did do wrong then I am sorry, but it sounded like a legit trade just with a marked guy as the middle man.

    Thank You.
  2. VenGanZa

    VenGanZa User

    You will be fine. SR are reluctant to tag for items under a Bills hat traded with a marked scammer.

    It should be noted that if someone repeatedly traded low value items with a marked player, especially if trades indicated a pattern of laundering or such, it is quite possible some action could result I suppose. Trading with a marked player is basically aiding and abetting, and is very much frowned on.

    It is important to understand the role of SR is not to punish, but to warn, educate and advise more than anything else. The offence of trading with marked players if you read the FAQ is very lenient, a new player or someone unaware of SR is never going to receive a tag, and in almost all such cases a warning is issued. In practice it is not easy to get a caution or full tag for trading with a marked scammer, and from my experience reporting to SR I can tell you they only impose a tag if they feel evidence and behaviour fully justifies one.

    If the player is your friend, personally I would make sure I have this documented (occasional screenshot here and there), so if SR or anyone ever questioned why you trade low value items with this person you can show he is your friend. In practice, marked players are going to still play the game, they are still going to trade, and a tag does not destroy a friendship. If you are only trading low value things now and then with a friend, even though he is marked, I doubt you would be at risk. It would of course be wise to keep this to a minimum. Personally I simply do not trade with any marked player, friend or not as a matter of policy.

    Please note that while I believe my comments are accurate, I am not part of SR.