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What qualifies for a steamrep caution tag?

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by {{PA}} Pilltrocity, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. {{PA}} Pilltrocity

    {{PA}} Pilltrocity New User

    Today, I was added by a fellow offering me cash for two of my unusuals. The initial offer was $225, but as the conversation went on he modified the value - the usual "prey on greed" tactic. I asked him and "his nephew" some questions, and I became increasingly suspicious of them. For example, the "nephew" had a comment on his profile from a marked scammer saying the former had bought a hat for cash. However, according to the nephew, no cash nor hat changed hands.

    TP* fuzion (Rise up): fuer3ke bought  all this good items for em
    PILL CONFIRMED: If fuer3ke bought the items, why did GuRo post on your profile and not his?
    TP* fuzion (Rise up): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198051763907
    TP* fuzion (Rise up): he is my relative
    TP* fuzion (Rise up): why he have to post something on my profile
    PILL CONFIRMED: Your three friends were: A Warehouse Impersonator bot, one of your current friends, and another random person. You created the second account two weeks after the first account was created. Why is this?
    TP* fuzion (Rise up): we didnot trade anythin
    After our conversation, the nephew claimed he had to leave and removed me, but stayed online for about five minutes. The person offering the money continued to say I had to go first, and the deal ended up falling through.
    Baseline question is, what is the requirement for marking somebody for caution? I assume it can't be done simply off of suspicion but I've seen warning threads on other forums.
    Screenshots of the chats are attached for you to look over.
    I don't check Steamrep's forums often, so if you ask me something and I don't reply, I apologize.
    Thanks for your time.

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  2. ForteSP

    ForteSP New User

    If he tried to scam you that would warrant a full scammer tag. If this is a scammer report, which it kinda looks like, post it in the scam report section! Make sure you properly format it, though
  3. {{PA}} Pilltrocity

    {{PA}} Pilltrocity New User

    Problem is, there's nothing I can prove, but it looks quite suspicious. A full scammer tag would need solid evidence of an attempted scam, wouldn't it?
  4. Zyddie

    Zyddie New User

    You should still post it as a report mate.

    Even if he dosnt get a scammer tag the report will be there in case something else comes up, the more reports on a person the better gives SR more info and a lot more to use and reasearch from.
    So just down and report =)
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  5. VenGanZa

    VenGanZa User

    As Zyddie says, 100% you should report even if it proves futile so as to protect others and serve as record for future cases.

    * Looks to me like you avoided a blatant attempt to sting you, so file a report mate.