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READ ME General Discussion FAQ

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Horse, Jun 3, 2016.

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    SteamRep Admin:
    General Discussion FAQ:
    1. Use the forums Search feature – Please be sure to use this feature prior to posting a question in the General Forum section here as a wide amount of your questions have likely been answered or discussed. Add additional relevant keywords to your search if it comes up as too short.
    2. Please do not post in the General Forum section asking to expedite processing of reports & appeals, we will not do so. All other legitimate moderation requests need to be made using the in-post report system explained HERE
    3. Report or Appeal wasn't accepted. Please do not make General Forum threads to contest why your report/appeal wasn't accepted. We can't have everyone that disagrees making a special thread to argue it.
      Review the reports/appeals policies and resubmit only if you believe either was closed via error. (Please don't abuse this - we have limited time to go thru them and going thru the same one multiple times with nothing new added just wastes time).
    4. About fake reports: If you have been reported with fake evidence, or maliciously reported for something you didn't do, see this guide on removing unconfirmed reports from your SteamRep profile.
    5. You cannot delete reports, appeals, discussion threads, or your replies to them, even if you yourself made the posting. This is for transparency reasons. If you want to edit something in or make changes, make a new reply to the thread. A few exceptions are made such as for spam, malware links, duplicate postings, posts containing personal info, harassment (including inappropriate content) and flame threads.
    6. For questions why your SteamRep donation wasn't accepted/rejected. Please go HERE.
    7. Sorry, we will not change your username so please don’t make a post asking. Choose the name you wish to use here wisely, as that is what you will use. We have no plans to change this in any foreseeable future, please do not ask.
    8. How do I rank up my forum title? It does not matter. If you spam posts to boost it we will simply zero out your post count and your posting privileges may be revoked.
    9. All general topic threads/posts should relate to SteamRep, Steam trading, or Valve features/policies related to trading. IE: Don’t post about something random that has nothing to do with above topics.
    10. The General Forum section is not for posting rep threads or advertising of any kind. You can use various Partner Communities as listed on the front page. Make sure to review this Guide on legitimate reputation. This also applies to offering to be or looking for middleman (See this Guide for more info.)
    11. SR does not delete threads or posts, tag, or otherwise retaliate against users that are critical of SR on our forums. This is however not an open invitation If you're posts are abusive towards or intentionally misleading and you are not at least pretending to be constructive, we may lock or remove your thread/post or take action against your forum account.
    12. Please refrain from posting in the general section to get the attention of specific staff members. When you have to PM staff, please do not spam multiple staff the same message, please do not “bump” your PMs either, if they will reply, they will reply. Understand we are busy with lives like everyone else.
    13. SteamRep policy prohibits its volunteers from replying to legal questions/issues. All such inquiries should be made by using the sites “contact us” feature or can be found HERE.
    14. SteamRep does not share specific methods of how we track users or determine why we think users are related. Should you have questions regarding this, use the Contact Us link at bottom of page or again click HERE.
    15. SteamRep is not affiliated in anyway with Valve: SR cannot help you with being Valve Trade Banned, Probations, Account locks, 'warnings' about scamming in trade offers, VAC bans or any other Steam account-related issues so do not ask us. You will need to see Steam Support to handle those issues HERE.

    updated: 5/29/2017
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