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Questions regarding ban

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Clarn, Nov 22, 2023.

  1. Clarn

    Clarn Banned on SteamRep

    Hey everyone,

    So I've been reported about 10 years ago due to the first & last scam I've EVER committed. After the report, some friends DM'ed on steam me explaining to me that I've been reported on this website called SteamRep, I quickly rushed to the website and read everything I need to know about how I could solve the issue & avoid getting banned and receiving bad reputation. In the policy the first I saw was to apologize to the victim and offering them reimbursement, so that was the first thing I've done.

    I've offered the victim reimbursement & apologized for my wrong doing which they quickly accepted. So now me, and the victim are absolutely fine. It was only down to the SteamRep staff at that point, which they completely ignored the efforts I was making to solve the problem and still issued a ban.

    I was like okay, that's understandable. You commit a mistake, you get punished! However one thing I still couldn't understand is the fact that the staff stated two reasons, first being premeditated scam and second multiple scam attempts. I understand the first reason but how can it be multiple scam attempts if this is the first one i've ever committed? first time I've ever gotten reported?

    Still after applying for the second appeal to get feedback, he quickly refused the appeal and threatened to ban me if I ever applied again. I just want to understand how do you guys expect people to want to do the right thing if this is how some staff handle applications & appeals? No sort of conversation or feedback, you just refuse them based on whatever you THINK is right without providing any sort of input just because YOU can? It felt a little bit unfair, although I understand that I did something wrong, but here I am asking to just get a second chance although I literally NEVER scammed before or after that one instance that happened when I was 17 lmao
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    SteamRep Admin:

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