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Archived Report: 76561197997644562 - ([Steam] Steam Games)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Jang, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Jang

    Jang New User

    Scam Report

    Report Type: [Item Fraud] Misrepresenting virtual items
    Virtual item type involved: [Steam] Steam Games

    Accused profile: 76561197997644562

    Victim profile: 76561198106952217

    What happened? Description:
    It all started at steamtrades where I had a thread looking to trade my Valve Complete Pack gift for Ultra Street Fighter 4 gift. This person then added me wanting to trade the said item. He even wanted more from me since he said there's not a lot of traders with Ultra Street Fighter 4 right now. Even though Valve Complete Pack has a higher value the Ultra. But hey, I thought, "it's going to be my birthday in a few days so I guess it's fine". So I then traded with the guy.

    Upon redeeming the gift and installing it. I only just realized that what I got was in fact NOT Ultra Street Fighter 4 but instead is the older version Super Street FIghter 4: Arcade Edition.

    After I confronted this person, he admits that he realizes that he indeed traded me the wrong item and that he'll make it right. But then he then proceeded to file a scam report on ME (2 in fact). I don't even know what he's thinking, reporting his own scam..


    Just to be clear, I still want what I traded for. If he makes it right and gives me the Ultra upgrade, or 4 keys as the equivalent value of the upgrade, or if he returns my items and I give him 4 keys in exchange for his copy of AE which I can't return since I already redeemed it. Then, i'll withdraw this scam report.​

    Provide Evidence:
    scam report 001-002.jpg shows our conversation. In here he admits he did indeed trade me the wrong game. He even said he'll make it right and to give him a couple of minutes. Little did I know, he used those minutes to write a stupid scam report of HIS scam here.
    scam report 003.jpg shows me opening "Ultra Street Fighter 4"
    scam report 004.jpg show that the copy is NOT Ultra Street Fighter 4 but instead Arcade Edition
    scam report 005.jpg gave him a choice of correcting his scam. but by the looks of this scam report. he won't be doing it after all.
    scam report 006.jpg shows my trade histoy with him. My valve complete pack + some other stuff for what I assumed was Ultra Street Fighter 4 at the time
    scam report 007.jpg Shows the gift that it is indeed Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition​

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  2. Jang

    Jang New User

    Just an update:
    He has now unfriended and blocked me a few hours after this happened. So much for making it right.
    I hope that 4 key difference you scammed me out of was worth having this scam report your account.

    And on my freakin birthday, you just had to scam me on my freakin birthday...
  3. Sir_Trix

    Sir_Trix New User

    I don't mean to be rude but you're blaming him yet you are the one who sent the trade offer?
  4. Jang

    Jang New User

    No offense taken, I guess I failed to put that in this post since I already said it in his stupid post (links provided). Thanks for making me clarify it.

    he's the one who added me and sent the trade request. Even insisting that I give him more for his copy even though my item has a higher value than his because there's not a lot of people trading Ultra (as he claimed) right now.

    Copy and paste from the scammer's report on me:
    WOW!, just wow. I'm the one that got scammed and I'm the one that get's reported? You think you can just scam me THEN report me?? Fine, let's do this.

    First of all HE was the one who added me and sent the trade request. I'm the one with the thread on steamtrades looking for a trade for my Valve Complete Pack in exchange for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

    And he DID give me the wrong one! There are 2 versions of Street Fighter, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Ultra Street Fighter 4. I realized only after I installed the game that Capcom renamed the game to Ultra Street Fighter 4 even though the game is Arcade Edition. Unfortunately it is hard to notice which is which because it has the same logo which is why this scam happened to me in the first place.
  5. Lava

    Lava Public Relations SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    I don't see any screenshots from before the trade took place, unambiguously indicating the exact type of game you want. We don't enforce prices here, and it's really up to you to make the determination of what game you're trading for. Looking at your ex post facto conversation, it's pretty clear the seller had no idea what he was trading you, and there's no evidence he misrepresented the game before you bought it.

    If you happened to have proof he projected this as an item of a particular quality, then attempted to misrepresent it during a trade, it would be another story, but what we have here amounts to nothing more than buyer's remorse. It does not matter how unfair you feel the trade was, the accused was never obligated to "give you 4 keys" like you demanded. Without a record of your conversation that took place prior to this trade, we can only assume he traded what he thought you expected, you were unclear, and you demanded a refund/compensation only after you made it impossible to backtrack.

    Had you not added the game to your account, he may have reversed the trade, but you are the one who made it difficult on him. In the event of sending you the wrong item, by mistake, if you had a clear agreement on what you expected and got something else instead (e.g. 2 giftable Steam games with different properties), he'd be expected to either exchange it for what you agreed upon or completely reverse the trade. By adding it to your account, that's no longer possible, through no fault of the accused. That does not in any way force him into your new terms of sending you 4 keys, and based on the tone in your conversation, I can only imagine you were blocked due to your antics.

    The purpose of SteamRep is to warn the community of scammers, who lie and steal from traders. We put a mark on their SteamRep profile to warn other members of the community they are not to be trusted, especially when dealing with something like real-world currency outside the trade window. There is nothing in here to indicate the accused poses any danger to the community, only potentially they aren't 100% familiar with the games they're selling, so I will be closing your report.