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Update about my past reports on Mika that were rejected: HE GOT TRADE BANNED ON STEAM

Discussion in 'SteamRep General Discussion' started by Pr3Ci510n, Nov 19, 2020.

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    I knew he was a scammer that scammed via Discord through PayPal bait-and-switch and everybody else who dealt with him knew he was too.

    Previously, I got scammed by a random Steam user named "Mika" who messaged me because he wanted my Printstream Deagle that I put on the Steam Market and wanted to trade. Unfortunately, after he redirected me to Discord chat, did the trade there, made me wait to have to accept the offer and left and blocked me on purpose without giving any money, I tried to report him, but failed because SteamRep has a "Steam Chat Only" rule or something along those lines that he probably knew about before I did, took advantage of it, and ran away with my item. I joined this website afterwards, complaining about why he couldn't be labeled as a scammer and making two of the same reports as he haven't been Trade Banned yet on any circumstances for days. I also found two users who also got scammed by the same dude doing the same thing, messaging on the user's screenshot about said item on Steam Market that he wants, person involved sends friend request to dude, asks to add him on Discord (that's why he wasn't being reported on SteamRep because he knew about that rule, sends a trade offer with the item for no items, shows a stream of his screen pretending like he's going to pay out, person involved accepts the trade, dude leaves, blocks Discord and Steam accounts, and he gets away with the item and SteamRep would do nothing about it and reject it because the chat happened on Discord anyways.

    After all that trouble I went through on SteamRep, I went to the CS:GO Rep! group, joined, and posted a thread through the "Submitted Reports" section about the scammer, with the proof that I gave from the SteamRep reports, called it a day, and just played games, usual stuff, etc. It had been near a month since the incident.

    I received a notification today about somebody who I reported being Trade Banned. I went back to my blocklist to check who it was. I couldn't find "Mika" but instead saw an account named "F" with some weird picture of a squirrel with medieval armor and a steel club with the red text "Trade Banned" on the right.

    Turns out that I looked back at SteamRep at the account's SteamID number and found out that "Mika" did get Trade Banned and he changed his profile picture to that and made his account private.


    He literally got trade banned from the massive amount of reports he got from other people who were scammed or knew about that type of scam, changed his profile picture to some freaking squirrel with medieval equipment, and changed his name to "F".

    This seriously happened (and this was the same dude who I reported previously for scamming me here):
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    Justice is served and I was right.

    (I'm never getting my Printstream Deagle back though, that's for sure.)

    Also, I'm never trading with randoms again and this is my last thread on SteamRep for a while (or pretty much, period unless something happens). I have other things to do; trading is not one of them. At least the dude got caught now.
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  2. Horse

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    SteamRep Admin:
    Steam Trade bans someone for their own reasons and for whatever timeline they see fit (1 day, 1 week, 1 year, perm) Nobody knows but that user and Steam. We have no control over what Steam does and at no point would we or you ever know if what happened between you and them was the reason for the trade ban.
    We have our own requirements for what we do here. We are not here to punish anyone either, our intentions are purely to educate the trading public and apparently you were clearly out to punish someone that according to our requirements for evidence wasn't meet.
    Not sure what you are intending to accomplish here with this thread other than to draw attention to a declined report.
    I'm hiding the users information from public view as again this is not the place to highlight reports/appeals that did not go your way and is once again going against policy.