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Need More Info 76561198112623663 (Hamison) - Gut Knife | Fade vs Paypal

Discussion in 'Pre-2017 Reports' started by w!CkEd 2, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. w!CkEd 2

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    hamisonthescammer1.jpg hamisonthescammer2.jpg hamisonthescammer3.jpg hamisonthescammer4.jpg hamisonthescammer5.jpg hamisonthescammer6.jpg hamisonthescammer7.jpg hamisonthescammer8.jpg hamisonthescammer9.jpg hamisonthescammer010.jpg Victim:

    | steamname: w!CkEd
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:1133041
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197962531811
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/VivaSteam
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197962531811


    | steamname: Hamison
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:76178967
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198112623663
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hamison
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198112623663


    attachmented also


    in fact, really i got scammed for my csgo knife :(

    Gut Knife | Fade (Factory New) worth $150+
    http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/★ Gut Knife | Fade (Factory New)

    he gave me a fake reputation page for him :

    sourcesop.net , not sourceop and i'm not looked for this ( S ) in the website spelling and no one will check it

    for that i trusted him and i gave him first , then he went offline and blocked me , here is everything:


    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Wednesday, December 04, 2013
    2:29 AM - w!CkEd: yes?
    2:29 AM - Hamison: Hey.
    2:29 AM - Hamison: Saw you've a fade gut knife on the market-
    2:30 AM - w!CkEd: yes
    2:30 AM - Hamison: was wondering if you'd take paypal on it, to save fees?
    2:30 AM - Hamison: I'd offer something like 145 USD.
    2:30 AM - w!CkEd: no sorry i dont accept paypal
    2:30 AM - Hamison: Oh. Uh. Why..? :|
    2:30 AM - w!CkEd: dont have paypal :D easy? :)
    2:31 AM - Hamison: Lol. Well, it does take practically 2 minutes to set up, and as soon as you get funds, you can deposit em into steam wallet.
    2:31 AM - Hamison: Kinda like a direct steam wallet transfer that way.
    2:33 AM - w!CkEd: yeah that was nice , but i dont like paypal , cause i got many scammers disputing me before , for that i closed my f✿✿✿in paypal , and i work with steam wallet , eventhough that paypal is better than steam wallet because no fee on me , but my money in my hand with steam wallet or my money in paypal in the air? :D
    2:33 AM - Hamison: Oh, I'm not going to dispute that rant.
    2:33 AM - Hamison: Chargeback scammers suck the ever living s✿✿✿ out of everyone.
    2:34 AM - Hamison: Are you okay with trading with someone that has reputation, and can pretty much promise not to charge back?
    2:34 AM - w!CkEd: dunno , i dont know you , for that WILL NOT accept any money from paypal
    2:34 AM - Hamison: Lemme get my rep thread
    2:34 AM - Hamison: might change your mind
    2:34 AM - Hamison: http://forums.sourcesop.net/threads/124912-Hamison-s-rep-thread/
    2:34 AM - Hamison: alright fetched
    2:34 AM - Hamison: take as much time as you want
    2:35 AM - Hamison: remember to check my identity w/ steamrep links
    2:36 AM - Hamison: and- about the price- supposing you DID want to take paypal
    2:36 AM - Hamison: you would take on the order of $145 USD, yeah?
    2:36 AM - Hamison: It splits the fees halfway, I believe.
    2:38 AM - w!CkEd: before everything
    2:38 AM - Hamison: Yeah.
    2:38 AM - w!CkEd: i have a question
    2:38 AM - w!CkEd: why your profile is private?
    2:38 AM - Hamison: Lol did you even read the rep thread?
    2:38 AM - Hamison: I've been impersonated before
    2:38 AM - Hamison: They change their bp, games, profile
    2:38 AM - Hamison: all to mirror me
    2:38 AM - Hamison: when it's public, everyone fell for it.
    2:38 AM - Hamison: When it's private, only way to confirm it's me
    2:38 AM - Hamison: is to check my Steam64ID
    2:39 AM - Hamison: which you can't fake.
    2:39 AM - Hamison: Def helped me out with all the people screaming into my ear that I'm being impersonated and they got scammed by those kids.
    2:39 AM - w!CkEd: ok , may you open it for 1 minute to i can check something , after that you close it
    2:39 AM - w!CkEd: may you?
    2:39 AM - Hamison: May I what
    2:39 AM - w!CkEd: may you open your private for 2 mins only ?
    2:40 AM - w!CkEd: after that close it again
    2:40 AM - Hamison: Oh, that. Well, ok.
    2:40 AM - Hamison: It's my trading account anyway, though.
    2:40 AM - Hamison: I usually clear all the items to an alt.
    2:40 AM - Hamison: Done.
    2:41 AM - w!CkEd: done 2
    2:41 AM - Hamison: Notice the amount of games I have?
    2:41 AM - w!CkEd: bro please i dont want these dispute , really i will lose too much money , i'm working hard for these money
    2:41 AM - Hamison: Dude- I won't.
    2:42 AM - Hamison: I've got over $3k of rep.
    2:42 AM - w!CkEd: yah i saw that
    2:42 AM - Hamison: And- this goes against PP's ToS
    2:42 AM - Hamison: But you really can just make a fake account, send money to steam, then EVEN if someone charges back
    2:42 AM - w!CkEd: also i have good reps in 1st famous forum
    2:42 AM - w!CkEd: you know sythe?
    2:42 AM - Hamison: Sythe?
    2:42 AM - Hamison: Not around long enough for that, no.
    2:42 AM - w!CkEd: yup
    2:43 AM - w!CkEd: wait
    2:43 AM - Hamison: But it does seem to make me think
    2:43 AM - Hamison: Ooooh
    2:43 AM - Hamison: RS
    2:43 AM - Hamison: yeah, that was the s✿✿✿, all those currencies
    2:43 AM - Hamison: It's just LoL elo accounts now, isn't it though?
    2:43 AM - Hamison: Also RP.
    2:44 AM - w!CkEd: http://www.sythe.org/steam-sales/1618026-selling-steam-games-low-price.html
    2:44 AM - w!CkEd: this is me
    2:44 AM - w!CkEd: Steam Games (Trusted Seller)
    2:44 AM - w!CkEd: $50+ Donator
    2:45 AM - Hamison: Haha, we're going to have to decide who goes first, aren't we?
    2:45 AM - w!CkEd: nope :D
    2:45 AM - w!CkEd: cuz you are the buyer :D
    2:45 AM - Hamison: :D wot
    2:46 AM - w!CkEd: if you going to market , you told him , give me cigarret and you pay? , or you pay first and after that you take your cigarret?
    2:46 AM - w!CkEd: LOL :D
    2:46 AM - w!CkEd: good example ;p~
    2:47 AM - Hamison: But if I can pull a cigarette to make the money dissapear at any time in the following 3 months- does the initial transaction matter? Is it not the buyer that has to be fully rep'd to trade, so he can go last anyway?
    2:47 AM - Hamison: *pull a string
    2:47 AM - Hamison: lol
    2:47 AM - Hamison: not the cigarette
    2:47 AM - Hamison: At any rate, it looks like you sell games for steam wallet?
    2:47 AM - Hamison: Is there actual PP risk involved?
    2:47 AM - w!CkEd: maybe %80 risk
    2:48 AM - Hamison: How did you trade the games o_O?
    2:48 AM - w!CkEd: only the good people that are not disputing
    2:48 AM - w!CkEd: from selling and buying and trading and everything
    2:48 AM - Hamison: No, but did you trade the games for paypal directly?
    2:49 AM - w!CkEd: yup
    2:49 AM - w!CkEd: but only for trusted people
    2:49 AM - w!CkEd: and reps people
    2:49 AM - w!CkEd: not for anyone
    2:49 AM - Hamison: "Payment via [ Steam Wallet ONLY ] Cuz its the Safest Payment EVER."
    2:49 AM - Hamison: How did you do that ^ ?
    2:49 AM - w!CkEd: if i afraid from someone , i tell him steam wallet not paypal
    2:49 AM - w!CkEd: see
    2:50 AM - w!CkEd: lets talk if we are deal for game with $10 ok?
    2:50 AM - Hamison: Ok
    2:50 AM - Hamison: I SCAM NOW.
    2:50 AM - w!CkEd: i put a card or some s✿✿✿ in market worth $10
    2:50 AM - Hamison: * poosh *
    2:50 AM - w!CkEd: and you buy it
    2:50 AM - Hamison: game dissapear
    2:50 AM - Hamison: Oh
    2:50 AM - Hamison: OOOOHH
    2:50 AM - w!CkEd: after that i give you the game
    2:50 AM - w!CkEd: :D
    2:50 AM - Hamison: I was thinking something like steam gift card codes
    2:50 AM - Hamison: but yeah, that works
    2:50 AM - Hamison: but
    2:50 AM - Hamison: thing is
    2:50 AM - Hamison: you'd end up wasting 30%
    2:50 AM - Hamison: You'd sell for $10 (he'd pay $11.5)
    2:50 AM - w!CkEd: yah but with the safe side ;/
    2:50 AM - Hamison: Definitely.
    2:51 AM - w!CkEd: depends what the game he choosed
    2:51 AM - Hamison: No, of course, it make sense.
    2:51 AM - Hamison: Still, I didn't come here because you have reputation, I came here to make a deal- besides that, I have cs;go/tf2 specific rep
    2:51 AM - Hamison: + mm status
    2:52 AM - Hamison: clicky on dat links in mah post
    2:52 AM - w!CkEd: nice
    2:52 AM - Hamison: I donated, I think, $25 a while back?
    2:52 AM - Hamison: Really not relevant at all when it's in the scale of $3k+ of trades
    2:53 AM - w!CkEd: anyway, so how much bro you will pay for paypal? :)
    2:54 AM - Hamison: Told ya already, $145.
    2:54 AM - Hamison: Splits the fees evenly.
    2:54 AM - w!CkEd: hmm!!!
    2:54 AM - Hamison: Well, not all that even
    2:54 AM - w!CkEd: you pay the fee right?
    2:54 AM - Hamison: Always do.
    2:54 AM - Hamison: PP email?
    2:54 AM - w!CkEd: Good
    2:54 AM - Hamison: Oh, right, you don't have one.
    2:54 AM - Hamison: XD
    2:54 AM - w!CkEd: [email protected]
    2:55 AM - w!CkEd: i have :D
    2:55 AM - Hamison: Oh, you're such a liar :p
    2:55 AM - w!CkEd: yeah lol
    2:55 AM - w!CkEd: bro wait
    2:55 AM - Hamison: Brb- ima calculate fees.
    2:55 AM - w!CkEd: make a not that you dont dispute or chargeback this transaction
    2:55 AM - Hamison: Always do :)
    2:55 AM - w!CkEd: and add your profile link in the note
    2:55 AM - w!CkEd: sorry bro , but its safe for me and you
    2:56 AM - Hamison: Lol, you think a MM just forgets those things?
    2:56 AM - Hamison: No, but ofc, remind everyone
    2:56 AM - w!CkEd: LOL
    2:56 AM - Hamison: I might forget.
    2:56 AM - w!CkEd: just let me know when you finished
    2:56 AM - Hamison: Yeah.
    2:56 AM - Hamison: Where do you live?
    2:56 AM - w!CkEd: i'm from Kuwait
    2:57 AM - Hamison: Oh, there are international fees in PP, looks like
    2:57 AM - Hamison: only 75 cents tho
    2:57 AM - Hamison: I'll pay em.
    2:57 AM - w!CkEd: also if you dont mind to keep me in your friend list , cuz i think i will need you later , if that is not bothering you
    2:58 AM - Hamison: Lol go ahead
    2:58 AM - Hamison: that's fine
    2:58 AM - w!CkEd: thanks :)
    2:58 AM - Hamison: For the screenshots, let's make a summary of the trade.
    2:58 AM - w!CkEd: sure
    2:59 AM - Hamison: Your email address is [email protected]. I will send $145 USD to this Kuwaiti address, and pay the 75c fee within.
    2:59 AM - w!CkEd: ok
    2:59 AM - Hamison: You will send the knife first -> I will confirm it was sent -> I will send PP balance above -> You will confirm -> We give reputation to each other.
    2:59 AM - w!CkEd: with no doubt you are verified right?
    2:59 AM - Hamison: Special note;
    2:59 AM - Hamison: Very.
    2:59 AM - w!CkEd: <=- dump question ;p
    2:59 AM - Hamison: Yeah, I am.
    3:00 AM - Hamison: Anyway-
    3:00 AM - Hamison: Special note; will add note w/ your Steam64ID & promise not to chargeback for virtual good on PP transaction.
    3:00 AM - Hamison: 2nd Special note; will keep you on my friends list for at least 24 hours.
    3:00 AM - Hamison: (you need more time than that?)
    3:01 AM - Hamison: Or is 1 day okay?
    3:01 AM - w!CkEd: 1 day okay for what
    3:01 AM - Hamison: You said you want me not to un-add you?
    3:01 AM - Hamison: So I will NOT un add you for 1 day.
    3:01 AM - Hamison: You'll be my friend for 24 hours :D
    3:01 AM - w!CkEd: ah ok nevermind , its fine for that , maybe if i want you , i will add you for something for mm
    3:02 AM - Hamison: Oh, of course.
    3:02 AM - Hamison: Finally - do you agree, y/n, to conditions posted above?
    3:02 AM - w!CkEd: but something wrong now
    3:02 AM - Hamison: (I do)
    3:02 AM - Hamison: What
    3:02 AM - w!CkEd: you want me to send the knife first?
    3:02 AM - Hamison: Yeah. It doesn't even matter, since even if I went first, if I was a scammer, I'd charge back, wouldn't I?
    3:03 AM - Hamison: But if you scammed me, I wouldn't chargeback because I lose rep
    3:03 AM - Hamison: Even if it's charging back a scammer.
    3:03 AM - Hamison: I just don't want the risk. Sorry.
    3:03 AM - w!CkEd: yah i know , but let me take a rest if you send the money first plz
    3:04 AM - w!CkEd: i'm not scamming anyway, i'm Muslim and i afraid from allah for money that i took it and i dont deserve it
    3:04 AM - w!CkEd: so from me? DONT WORRY.
    3:05 AM - Hamison: Look, I know also, I'm religious, follow Eastern Orthodoxy, I never stole anything in my life. but it's all words in the end. i have more to gain if you go first than you have to gain if i go first.
    3:05 AM - Hamison: If you go first, I KNOW i won't have to chargeback
    3:05 AM - Hamison: but if I go first?
    3:05 AM - Hamison: You'll be scared of charge back no matter what
    3:05 AM - Hamison: :/
    3:06 AM - Hamison: I'm sorry, I've just been scammed so many times
    3:06 AM - Hamison: It's hard to have to lose rep
    3:07 AM - w!CkEd: bro , we take too much time for this issue , let we finish this subject , send the money and after that i send the knife , or my knife will be sold with steam wallet and i will be in the safe side , so will not care about paypal.
    3:08 AM - w!CkEd: also i have to go to sleep now , if not , let we finish this for last Peace and goodlucking each other :)
    3:09 AM - Hamison: you can never spend too much time on something about safety, look, i've shown you my reputation, i've never scammed, i'm a recognized middleman, what would happen if you scammed me? i dont live in kuwait.
    3:09 AM - w!CkEd: and i swear , i accepted paypal , only from you , i dont like paypal , but i wanna help you therfor that you good reputaion man
    3:09 AM - Hamison: look, i'll pay $5 more, $150 total, if i can be ASSURED that i wont be scammed
    3:09 AM - Hamison: that i wont be stolen from
    3:09 AM - Hamison: i can't accept myself going first
    3:09 AM - Hamison: sorry
    3:14 AM - w!CkEd: ok
    3:14 AM - w!CkEd: i will go with ALLAH
    3:14 AM - w!CkEd: and i hope to not get scammed
    3:14 AM - w!CkEd: plz really i will lose too much money
    3:15 AM - Hamison: I will do everything to make sure you're not scammed
    3:15 AM - w!CkEd: tell me first , what you will wrote in the note
    3:15 AM - w!CkEd: Exactly.
    3:15 AM - Hamison: "I am sending this for a virtual good that has already been traded, I will not charge back, this is the person I traded with: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197962531811/"
    3:16 AM - w!CkEd: and type your profile also
    3:16 AM - Hamison: Sure.
    3:16 AM - w!CkEd: this is the person i traded with (my profile) and this is my profile ( your profile )
    3:16 AM - w!CkEd: ok?
    3:17 AM - w!CkEd: you send me $150?
    3:17 AM - Hamison: "I am sending this for a virtual good that has already been traded, I will not charge back, this is the person I traded with: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197962531811/, I am http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198112623663"
    3:17 AM - Hamison: $150 USD. I pay fees.
    3:17 AM - w!CkEd: ok
    3:17 AM - w!CkEd: i'm removing the knife from the market
    3:17 AM - w!CkEd: just hold
    3:17 AM - Hamison: ok.
    3:17 AM - w!CkEd: come
    3:17 AM - You cannot trade with Hamison because they are currently trading with someone else.
    3:17 AM - Hamison had asked to trade with you, but has cancelled their request.
    3:17 AM - Hamison had asked to trade with you, but has cancelled their request.
    3:18 AM - Hamison: Good name :)
    3:18 AM - w!CkEd: you pay me please now
    3:18 AM - Hamison is now Offline.
    3:18 AM - Hamison had asked to trade with you, but has cancelled their request.

    i hope that f✿✿✿in b✿✿✿✿ got banned soon!!!

    becareful from this professional scammer
  2. Volcano1966

    Volcano1966 New User

    not professional at all actually, since it's with paypal
  3. ☣Ph4nt0m☣ |YBC

    ☣Ph4nt0m☣ |YBC New User

    Sorry, but really, Volcano1966? Please don't post comments about stupid things... If you have to say something which may help it's okay... Please don't do it anymore in future, thanks.
  4. w!CkEd 2

    w!CkEd 2 New User

    Any News Admin?
  5. Volcano1966

    Volcano1966 New User

    You must not know what stupid means okay? he said he was a pro scammer and I said since it's with paypal it's not.
    like seriously
  6. ☣Ph4nt0m☣ |YBC

    ☣Ph4nt0m☣ |YBC New User

    This honestly made me laugh, i don't even wanna comment this.... And it's not on you to decide is he proffesional or not, depends on opinion of each and everyone in community.

    Have a nice day.
  7. The Jurd is a Spy!

    The Jurd is a Spy! New User

    Saying the word 'professional' in front of 'scammer' makes you sound like a scammer to begin with. There's no such thing as a 'professional scammer.'

    Volcano: a scam is a scam. Nobody cares whether or not the scammer is 'professional' or whether or not the scam is via paypal. It's still a scam.

    You commented.

    As for the actual scam report: as a general rule, be careful. Always check links for how reliable they are (are they the actual websites?) When I clicked the fake rep thread it took me to a freehosting website, so the site you linked is either incorrect (typed it wrong?), made up, or the owner of the site was the same person as the scammer and they deleted the page.

    Also, the scammer in question is also tradebanned by Valve so how did you trade him?
  8. iPawnUtwice™

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    Hey there, It's kinda rude to say at other users. Please be polite and please don't comment if there isn't any necessary fact/info that may help the victim. Thanks and Sorry in advance. Cheers !
  9. Skyrider

    Skyrider Retired Staff Partner Community

    SteamRep Admin:
    Maybe the person was marked later after the trade? Also, stay out of this thread if you have no business here. There's no need to reply with off-topic replies of which is not helpful at all.
  10. w!CkEd 2

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    cmon guys!!! 9 reply and no one of them for any help?

  11. w!CkEd 2

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    any admin can help me for this issue??
  12. w!CkEd 2

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    one month and no answer? Strange.
  13. w!CkEd 2

    w!CkEd 2 New User

    still no admin can answer


    will this picture helping you? admin?
  14. w!CkEd 2

    w!CkEd 2 New User

  15. ₪TBC₪ TheRussianPyro

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    Please be patient, there are several reports to be carefully read and they all take proscess there arent as many mods/admins to read all the reports at the same time
  16. Enstage

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    Hello @w!CkEd 2 ,

    My apologies on behalf for SR for this taking so long. If you'd like to I can continue with this report now, I just have a few questions / requirements for you. Let me know if you're around.

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