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Dovah's venting time

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Nathan06250[Fr], Mar 11, 2021.

  1. Nathan06250[Fr]

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    So, I've had made a report concerning someone who scammed me 6 years ago. It was pending since all these years, so I came back on it this year to hope for a "second chance" of some sort. It got declined...of course.

    Back then, when I did this report, we had actual conversations with multiple users who were: an admin and a seemingly old community member.
    It wasn't a big thread of a report, but at least there was the opinion of multiple users. It was left archived because I didn't have any clue of chat logs, all I had was a copy-paste of a Steam conversation between me and the scammer (scammer who kept on trash-talking me and telling me "you didnt get scamed, you just gave me [the scammer] items more worth than others while i gave you bullshit").
    But now, I tried to go back to this thread weeks ago, and apparently it's only one single moderator who took care of it. Today, I tried to make a new report against the same scammer, but this time with a video showing my trade history, my inventory (because the item that was traded was only visible by me) and the scammer's identity linked to the trade history.
    Guess what? It got declined AGAIN by the same exact moderator! Because from what the moderator told me, "We [the moderators] don't review videos - this is a final decision." When I've read this, my head got a sudden wave of heat!

    So what does that mean then? That you ignore the clues I've forwarded? I haven't seen any rule reguarding videos not being taken into account for reports. To me, that sounds like you refuse to cooperate, that you're deliberately not doing your job!
    And if I understood properly, the only valuable proof that is required for a report is to have a screenshot of the chat log between the victim and the scammer. One could have all the possible clues in the world except the screenshot of the chat log, the report would still not be valid. To me, this sounds like a terrible way of making the difference between valid and invalid, it's way too specific. How many reports did you deny because there wasn't the screenshot of a chat log, even if they have other clues than that? How many?!

    If we also have the misfortune of ever mentioning hijack/phishing attempts in the report, it's immediately declined, as if it were taboo to even talk about it. You say that you don't review them, well fine then, your job's to take care of scammers, not hijackers or phishers, I get it. But I don't recall you saying that you decline scam reports if even they mention ADDITIONALLY that the reported scammer made hijack/phishing attempts.

    It's no wonder why I've already seen a couple of threads with a negative opinion towards SteamRep. So how am I supposed to trust you at this point?
  2. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Sorry your report was Declined - it was caught up finally thru our back log and was Declined for a reason noted.
    It should have been Declined years ago so we apologize for the long wait but that is policy with regards to what we require.
    You went to resubmit for the exact same thing and still noted in the new attempt that you did not have the required evidence the chat logs so it was Declined again and merged with the previous for the exact same reason.
    We do not review videos -we require FULL screenshots per policy. Your video contained which you again noted here nothing but trade history, identity to the accused profile which means nothing for what we require but again we do not review videos.
    Lastly you noted in the report that you had issues with it from a hijacking/phishing stand point with attempts on your account access which at that point would make the report INVALID either way as we do not review such reports here.
    All of those policies/notices/links were provided and I will list them again here below.

    On a final note making this thread is against General Forum FAQ #3
    It will be archived as its soul purpose was to bring attention to a Declined report.
    Your concerns were addressed above with the proper links again provided as previously provided on the report.
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