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READ ME Expediting Reports Created Before 2017

Discussion in 'Report a Scam' started by Enstage, Nov 14, 2018.

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    What is the purpose of submitting a request for expedition?
    There are many reports created before 2017 that remain pending. Due to the size of the backlog, we are providing accused users and victims a way to request expedition of a report. Doing so will immediately move your report to the front of the queue, so that it can be looked at sooner by a member of staff. Due to the age of these reports, many of the accused users are no longer active, and so spending time processing these reports in the standard queue order can be of little value. We hope this policy will allow us to:
    1. resolve reports where the accused is innocent of any wrongdoing, and has an old report still negatively affecting their reputation,
    2. resolve reports where the accused is still active within the community, and has not yet received a tag for their offences.
    What are the requirements to expedite a report?
    1. In order to request expedition for a report, you must be either listed as the accused or the victim in the report you wish to expedite. For various reasons we cannot accept expedition requests from anyone other than the accused or victim.
    2. The report must currently exist in the "Pre-2017 Reports" section of the forums. This policy does not apply to reports created on or after 01/01/2017, it also does not apply to any reports in the "Previously Banned Reports" section as these reports involve users who are already banned and can use the appeals process to resolve their past offences.
    I meet the requirements stated above, how do I request expedition of a report?
    It is very simple to request expedition. You must simply reply to the report you wish to have expedited and state why it should be expedited, you can request expedition of a report for any reason (although, staff will prioritise expedited reports based on the reason given). Do not PC/PM individual staff or post in the General Discussion forum requesting expedition of a report. Replies such as "bump" or "up" are not accepted and will not result in expedition of the report.
    If you request expedition of a report it is expected that you will assist staff with the investigation by providing any additional evidence that is requested, or answering any further questions from staff within a timely manner (within 7 days).

    Does requesting expedition of a report guarantee that it will be handled?
    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will conclude expedited reports in any specific timeframe, or at all, for a number of reasons. SteamRep staff reserve the right to refuse an expedition request for any reason, you may not be notified of this.

    NOTE: We are currently trialling this policy to assess it's benefits, it is subject to change at any time.

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