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How to spycrab

Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by ChubaMama, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. ChubaMama

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    We all know what this is, we may do this for a single scrap, or even an unusual. Here are some tips to make sure you don't have to be dealing with a runner.

    1 - Use a middleman. If it's over a key or two, I'd recommend using one just to be safe. Be careful who you use, if on a trusted server try get one of the admins to middleman for you.

    2 - Steamrep check. Make sure you find out the player you are spy crabbings SR profile, It would help to save you from being screwed over when you see the match 2-0 about to be 3-0 and then the person simply disconnects.

    3- Take Screenshots. Screenshot your conversations and matches you have with your opponents, this way you have proof if you do happen to get a runner and possibly get him or her a punishment.

    4 - Witnesses. Have at least 1-2 people watch you Spycrab. It makes it more of a secure match when spy crabbing.

    5 - Scammer Tags. Please do not spycrab with any user that has a scammer tag, no matter the excuse that they may have.

    6 - Use Common Sense. It's pretty self explanatory.

    7 - HAVE FUN

    I hope you lads enjoyed this post and good luck spycrabbing! :)
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  2. Enstage

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    Well...this is more a very brief guide on how to spycrab...doesn't do much in terms of fraud.

    1. For using a middleman, be careful who you use, using a middleman is pointless if the middleman just runs, if its a trusted server, use one of the admins as a middleman.
    2. Make sure you find the persons SR profile before the crab, and do so properly: http://steamrep.com/tips/pretrade
    3. Witnesses are useless for SR, but could help with some other things...but if you feel you need witnesses to make the crab safe, you shouldn't be participating in the first place.
    4. ...
    5. ...

    This guide needs to be edited to include things like "take screenshots" and "don't spycrab scammers" (should be a given), and just needs more detail in general.
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    I really don't think you need a middleman when doing trades such as 2 keys...
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