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Report not getting taken seriously after being PayPal scammed

Discussion in 'Discussion Archive' started by Dominant™ LFT, Feb 9, 2022.

  1. Dominant™ LFT

    Dominant™ LFT New User

    Never have I been this confused about trading. I have done my fair share of cash trading and scammer reporting in the past years. Yesterday was the first time I got in trouble myself by getting scammed via PayPal. Im resolving this issue myself with PayPal and have a good chance of succeeding from what I have heard.

    Decided to also report this person on steamrep like everyone should when getting scammed. I added the whole conversation in steamwindow, got screenshots of him agreeing on price, confirming details, receiving items and him requesting a charge back. Got them all chronologically ordered in the report. When I checked my whole report got declined due to having a nickname in the chat window on scammer. I can see why that is that is an issue to a made a new report with steam chatlogs. Times and dates of messages line up and also show the url of this person which matches the report, the chat, the trade history, everything. Must have been enough, so I thought.

    Got the response from an admin asking to show him that we were friends on steam. Well he blocked and unfriended me right after he requested the charge back on PayPal and now us being friends on steam doesnt show up in my activity page. I explained this and asked for other options. The admin still decided to decline my report again. I am lost for words of how this is being handled. Everything lines up. Conversations match steam account, conversations match paypal details and paypal details show him asking for a charge back after already receiving the items.

    Would appreciate it if someone can help me out with getting my report ''up to standards''. I just feel lost and being belittled by the admins. Missing variables? Please enlighten me.

    Link to the report:
  2. Horse

    Horse Administrator SteamRep Admin

    SteamRep Admin:
    Sorry your report wasn't accepted however the reasons were given clearly on the report.
    I have updated the responses for the missing "variables" you included about on the report - please read thru those so you are aware of what was the issues with the report.

    Making this post is a violation of General Forum FAQ #3 and will be archived.
    Again- please see report for reasons that were given as to why your report wasn't reviewed.
    Here are some helpful guides for future reference:

    You can report them to Valve using the in profile reporting feature also!